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Complete Guide To The Bradford Clean Air Zone

The Bradford clean air zone (CAZ) is due to launch in Spring 2022!

Highly polluting vehicles will be charged daily to enter and drive through areas covered by the proposed Class C CAZ.

Our complete guide breaks down the Bradford clean air zone. We’ll cover everything from the zone’s map, charges, grants and sustainable alternatives. 

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Check Your Vehicle For Bradford's CAZ

It’s important to check whether your vehicle is non-compliant in the Bradford clean air zone.

Vehicles that will be affected by the zone include:

  • Buses
  • Coaches
  • HGVs
  • LGVs
  • Minibuses
  • Hackney carriages
  • Private hire vehicles

Thankfully, you can check if your vehicle face daily charges below!

Location And Map Of Bradford's Clean Air Zone

The clean air zone will run from and include areas across Bradford’s Outer Ring Road. The CAZ will also reach as far as the Aire Valley corridor.

Areas included in the zone are:

  • Manningham Lane
  • Bradford Road
  • Canal Road 
  • Shipley
  • Saltaire

Bradford City Council has announced that the clean air zone could extend to the A650 Bingley Bypass which runs from Nab Wood.

The zone specifically covers Shipley, Saltair, and Canal Road to reduce the amount of harmful emissions produced in these key areas.

Clean Air Zones improve the urban environment to support public health and the local economy, making cities more attractive places to live, work, do business and spend leisure time. They support cities to grow and transition to a low emission economy thus ensuring these benefits are sustainable for the long term

Exemptions From The Bradford Clean Air Zone

Bradford City Council are entitled to award certain exemptions to those whose vehicles or circumstances may not be compatible with the clean air zone.

Following government guidelines, Bradford residents which fall under certain categories could be exempt from daily charges:

  • Blue Badge Holders (vehicle must be registered with Bradford City Council).
  • Military and emergency vehicles.
  • Historic vehicles that are over 40 years old.
  • Disabled Tax Class Vehicles.
  • Recovery vehicles.
  • School buses.

There are also national and local exemptions from the Bradford clean air zone charges.

Theses exemptions provide support from the council, create better transport alternatives and offer a sustainable approach to travel across the Bradford clean air zone.

Have a query on Bradford’s CAZ? Contact DVLA’s support team for further information.

Pollution is linked to the number of preventable deaths in the district as well as the health of many more – so improving our air quality across the district has to be a priority for the Council. It disproportionately affects more vulnerable communities in our district which is why the Clean Air Zone and additional proposals are so important to making Bradford a healthier place to live, work and visit.

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, Portfolio Holder for Healthy People and Healthy Places
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Charges For The Bradford Clean Air Zone

The current charges outlined for non-compliant vehicles driving through Bradford’s clean air zone are as follows:

 Medium-sized vehicles will be required to pay £9 to drive in the Bradford CAZ.

Larger vehicles would be charged a daily fee of £50 to enter and drive across the Bradford clean air zone.

A daily charge of £12.50 will be given to these non-compliant vehicles.

It’s important to review the impact Bradford’s clean air zone will have on the environment and what it could mean for you.

An innovative approach to tackling pollution, the clean air initiative offers funding and grants to residents and small business owners who need more sustainable options over their current polluting vehicles. 

Bradford workers will be expected to dish out an estimated £2,300 to cover transport costs in the clean air zone!
Available Grants And Funding In The Bradford CAZ

#BreatheBetterBradford is an initiative by Bradford City Council which aims to support residents and businesses with the running costs of electric vehicles and other sustainable options for transport. 

These grants will be made available to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), self-employed/sole traders, charities and educational establishments across the Bradford Metropolitan. 

Bradford clean air zone grants fall under 3 main categories. These are:

  • Vehicle Replacement
  • Retrofit Existing Vehicle
  • Electric Vehicle Running Costs

You can register for grant schemes and exemptions through an interest form.

Further details have yet to be announced on available funding schemes for the Bradford CAZ.

Once you’ve registered your interest, you’ll be contacted at a later date by a representative who will explain the full terms and conditions of any schemes you’re eligible for.

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Remove Your Polluting Car From Bradford's CAZ

Driving polluting vehicles through Bradford is no longer a viable option for residents and small businesses due to the CAZ.

  • Thankfully, Scrap Local works with trusted, local recyclers who can provide a hassle-free vehicle recycling service across Bradford.
  • Offering great prices on non-compliant cars, we help motorists to move one step closer to a better, more sustainable approach to transport across Bradford and West Yorkshire. 

Support the local and circular economy of recycling by ditching your old set of wheels today! 

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Questions On The Bradford Clean Air Zone

The Bradford clean air zone was due to launch in January 2022.

This has currently been pushed back to Spring 2022.

The Class C zone will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Drivers of non-compliant vehicles will be charged on a daily basis to enter the zone.

Certain vehicles will be charged for driving through the Bradford clean air zone. These include:

  • Private hire vehicles
  • HGVs, coaches and buses
  • Taxis and hackney carriages.

The CAZ will include areas across the Bradford Outer Ring Road and will reach as far as the Aire Valley corridor. Key areas include:

  • Manningham Lane
  • Bradford Road
  • Canal Road area
  • Shipley
  • Saltaire

The clean air zone will also extend to the A650 Bingley Bypass which runs from Nab Wood.

Bradford Metropolitan Council has received over £10 million in funding to support over 2,300 vehicle grants.

Grants are mainly available for residents and business owners who are looking to:

  • Upgrade non-compliant LGVs and minibuses to clean air zone standards.
  • Purchase a CAZ compliant vehicle.
  • Cover the costs of running an electric vehicle (where leased or owners for at least 2 years)

Find out more on any available Bradford clean air zone grants online.

Many motorists from Bradford understand the negative impact polluting vehicles have on the environment.

Thankfully, Scrap Local supports the transition to greener, more sustainable methods of transport and are proud to offer an award-winning vehicle recycling service.

We remove cars across Bradford and our free collection service offers a no-hassle approach to vehicle removal. 

Scrap your car in Bradford and receive a genuine quote with no hidden admin fees.

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