2023 ULEZ Expansion: Updated

The ultra-low emission one, also known as the ULEZ, expanded in August 2023.

As announced by Mayor Sadiq Khan, 33 boroughs will join and border the initial zone (now reaching as far as the M25 in some places) as Londoners tackle rising pollution and health-related illnesses. 

Our helpful guide will break down the current ULEZ expansion, its new location, ULEZ postcode and vehicle checker and available support.

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When Will ULEZ Expansion Start?

The 2023 ULEZ expansion launched in August 2023. Initially, the ULEZ was expanded further in November 2021, where alarming pollution and emissions from non=compliant Euro 2,3 & 4 vehicles were recorded.

Non-compliant cars were made to pay a £12.50 congestion charge, billed every time a motorist entered a driveway across the zone.

Since then, TFL has announced a push for reducing emissions within the current zone; GHowever, urgent prompts for the ULEZ to expand further outward to additional boroughs have been made a priority.

scrap local scrap car guides ulez 2023 expansion map location transport for london

2023 ULEZ Expansion Map

The current boundary of the ULEZ expansion covers most of central London. This did not include the north and circular roads; however, areas such as Hallow, Stratford and Wood green were included.

In addition, The ULEZ Expansion included North Richmond, Barnes and the additional regions through the A10, A2 and A23A motorway links.

The new proposed boundaries will include:

  1. Barking & Dagenham
  2. Barnet
  3. Bexley
  4. Brent
  5. Bromley
  6. Camden
  7. City of London
  8. City of Westminster
  9. Croydon
  10. Ealing
  11. Enfield
  12. Greenwich
  13. Hackney
  14. Hammersmith & Fulham
  15. Haringey
  16. Harrow
  17. Havering
  18. Hillingdon
  19. Hounslow
  20. Islington
  21. Kensington & Chelsea
  22. Kingston Upon Thames
  23. Lambeth
  24. Lewisham
  25. Merton
  26. Newham
  27. Redbridge
  28. Richmond Upon Thames
  29. Southwark
  30. Sutton
  31. Tower Hamlets
  32. Waltham Forest
  33. Wandsworth

Following consultation with TFL, outer London areas will benefit from an improved bus transport network to reduce the need for unsuitable vehicles and push support for public and shared transport. 

A ULEZ Expansion map has been drafted, combining the current ULEZ Zone and updated Expansion.

View a map of the 2023 ULEZ Expansion below or above with the official boundary courtesy of the official Transport for London.

Cleaner air is coming to outer London. We’re expanding the #ULEZ London-wide to bring cleaner air to *5 million* more Londoners.

London ULEZ Vehicle Checker

Non-compliant vehicles are similar to those from the initial Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Owners of non-compliant euro 3 and 6 cars and vans must pay a daily fee to enter and drive across the ULEZ.

Certain vehicles, such as electric vehicles, are exempt from ULEZ charges.

Hybrids do not receive any exemptions (unlike the London Congestion Charge); they are treated the same as diesel and petrol cars.

Nevertheless, most hybrids already conform to the Euro 4, 5, or 6 standards, so they will not incur charges under the ULEZ scheme.

You can check your vehicle in the ULEZ expansion using the handy vehicle checker tool below.

London ULEZ Expansion Charges

As outlined in our previous guide on the 2021 Ulez expansion, the zone will now include additional areas, although retaining the cost of the last ULEZ.

These are as follows:

  • Cars, motorcycles, Vans and Specialist vehicles

    £12.50 for cars, motorcycles, vans and specialist vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes) and minibuses (up to and including 5 tonnes.

air pollution is making Londoners “sick from cradle to the grave” with illnesses such as cancer, lung disease, dementia and asthma.

scrap local scrap car guide clean air zone london ulez 2023 expansion guide scrappage scheme
Clean Air Zone Grants And London Scrappage Scheme

A new scrappage scheme has been launched with the proposed ULEZ expansion.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has opened up £110 million of funding for owners of polluting Euro 4 and 6 cars.

Residents and businesses with the ULEZ can take advantage of the scrappage scheme grant, which can pay upwards of £5000 and be used towards a new compliant vehicle.

Those on disability or low-income benefits may also prepare for the upcoming ULEZ by viewing various grant payment options. 

Registered charities and businesses can also receive a grant to scrap or retrofit up to 3 vans and minibuses and get an increased grant payment.

Eight grant payment options are currently available to residents and businesses across the ULEZ expansion.

For scrap cars, these are:

  • To scrap a car – £2000
  • Scrap a car or van with wheelchair access – £5000
  • Scrap a car – £1600, alongside a pass to use buses and trams throughout the year
  • Scrap a car – £1200, including two bus and tram transport passes across the city.

More value is put upon accepting a scrap car grant payment and an annual transport pass. This aligns with the Transport of London campaign to promote public and shared transport within inner city areas. 

The current ULEZ scrappage scheme and grant funding are on the TFL website.

  • 2023 Update


    On August 21, Transport for London (TfL) introduced a £160 million initiative to replace cars that do not meet the necessary standards under the ULEZ scheme.

    ALL London residents with cars falling below the required standards are eligible for a £2,000 subsidy.

    Initially, this scheme was limited to car owners receiving specific benefits, but this restriction has been lifted.

    Commercial Vehicles

    For commercial vehicles such as vans (including those owned by small businesses) and minibuses, the available grant ranges from £6,000 to £11,500.

All the money raised by ULEZ will be pumped back into funding local public transport and I’m pleased to announce today that we are planning the biggest ever expansion of the bus network in outer London

Alternative Options To Driving A Non-Complaint Car

If your car is not compatible with the ULEZ expansion, some options are available.

Many residents and businesses in the ULEX expansion have switched to cleaner, electric vehicles, with research showing that 40% of Londoners would switch to cleaner, electric vehicles.

Subsequently, those who work in and around the ULEZ on temporary work placements have considered temporary car insurance for their vehicle, such as those offered by Cuzza.

Alternatively, for those who want to ditch the diesel or petrol vehicle that isn’t compliant, the scrappage scheme made available by TFl is another route.

When looking to remove your non-compliant car, Scrap Local’s trusted car scrap yards are on hand to help!

We provide award-winning recycling services, helping you clear your non-compliant vehicle for the best local prices—all required papers, such as a certificate of destruction, with fast payment.

Get in touch today to see how we can help remove your non-polluting car in the ULEZ expansion!

Questions On The ULEZ
  • When Is The ULEZ Expanding In 2023?

    The ultra-low emission zone will expand in August 2023. The ULEZ will now cover all 33 boroughs across greater London and reach as far as the M25 in some areas.

    The decision to extend the current ULEZ was made after alarming levels of air pollution were a key driver for changes to public transport and health.

  • What Are The Latest ULEZ Grants?

    Current ULEZ grants and funding include those offered by Mayor Sadiq Khan in line with Tfl.

    This includes a scrappage scheme that can provide up to £2000 to scrap a car with a licenced A.T.F.

    Additional funding can also be provided by retrofitting an existing vehicle.

  • What Options are available to me if my car isn't compliant?

    If your car isn’t compliant, you may be assessing the long-term use of owning such a vehicle.

    Scrap your car today with our trusted scrapyard network, which provides you with a certificate of destruction.

    Scrapping a car in the ULEZ has never been easier.

  • What Areas Does the ULEZ Expansion Cover?

    The ULEZ expansion encompasses most of central London, including areas like Hallow, Stratford, Wood Green, North Richmond, Barnes, and regions through the A10, A2, and A23A motorway links.

    Outer London areas will also benefit from improved bus transport networks to reduce unsuitable vehicle usage.

  • How Can I Check If My Vehicle Is Compliant with ULEZ?

    You can check your vehicle’s compliance with ULEZ using the vehicle checker tool provided.

  • What Are the ULEZ Expansion Charges?

    The charges for the ULEZ expansion are the same as the previous ULEZ: £12.50 for cars, motorcycles, vans, specialist vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes), and minibuses (up to 5 tonnes). Some vehicles, like electric ones, are exempt from these charges.

  • What Is the Clean Air Zone Grants and London Scrappage Scheme?

    A scrappage scheme has been introduced for owners of Euro 4 and 6 polluting cars.

    It offers grants of up to £5,000, with additional options for disability or low-income benefits recipients, registered charities, and businesses looking to scrap or retrofit vans and minibuses.

  • What Is the ULEZ Subsidy for London Residents?

    London residents with cars that don’t meet the ULEZ standards can receive a £2,000 subsidy as part of the initiative introduced by Transport for London (TfL).

  • What Grants Are Available for Commercial Vehicles?

    Grants range from £6,000 to £11,500 for commercial vehicles like vans and minibuses.


  • What Are the Alternative Options for Non-Compliant Cars?

    If your car is not ULEZ-compliant, you can consider switching to cleaner, electric vehicles, temporary car insurance for temporary work placements, or the TFL scrappage scheme to remove non-compliant cars.

    Scrap Local offers recycling services for non-compliant vehicles.

  • How Will ULEZ Funds Be Used?

    Funds generated from ULEZ charges will be reinvested in local public transport, with plans for the largest-ever bus network expansion in outer London.

  • Where Can I Find More Information on ULEZ Grants and the Scrappage Scheme?

    For additional details on ULEZ grants and the scrappage scheme, you can visit the TFL website or access the provided links in the article.

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