Need A Honda Breaker Near You?

Scrap Local’s Honda breakers sell top quality Honda spares and scrap old cars for the best prices. 

What Can Scrap Local’s Honda Breakers Do For You?

Scrap Local is proud to provide a reliable approach to vehicle scrappage! We’ll connect you directly to a Honda scrap yard who can dispose of your car hassle-free. Fill in our form and receive a genuine quote with no hidden fees for your complete scrap Honda!

Where Can I Find Honda Breakers Near Me?

Scrap Local is the UK’s largest network for all things scrap! As such, we work with agents across the country who help Honda enthusiasts scrap their cars and find quality vehicle parts without any fuss.

Our team regularly hears from motorists looking for Honda specialists near London and Derby. However, Scrap Local also covers larger areas in the UK and has reliable Honda breakers in Northern Ireland, Lancashire and the West Midlands.

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Questions On Your Scrap Honda
  • What's the scrap value of my Honda?

    The scrap value of your Honda will be determined by different factors.

    Most reputable Honda scrap yards base their scrap prices on a vehicle’s weight.

    No car is the same and even models by the same brand can be worth different scrap prices. This is why a scrap Honda Civic will receive a different value to a scrap Honda Jazz!

    Scrap Local works hard to give our customers the best scrap prices for their old cars. We’ll use the following points to determine your Honda’s worth in scrap:

    • Complete (No missing parts)
    • Area tonnage rates
    • Weight
    • Age
    • Alloy wheels

    Scrap Local will connect you to a specialist Honda scrap yard who can remove your vehicle for free.

    Minor damages to your Honda’s condition shouldn’t impact its scrap value. If your vehicle is complete and as described, then you’ll receive the price you’re quoted for it!

    Did you know you could potentially make more from your Honda with our team of salvage buyers?

    Rare models like the Honda S2000 can fetch for a higher price than scrap, yet Scrap Local’s salvage specialists may also offer you more for your Honda if it’s a Type R. We can even quote more than scrap for newer, automatic models if they start and drive!

    To see how much you could make from your Honda just submit an enquiry to our online form!

  • Which car models will a Honda scrap yard take for scrap?

    Scrap Local’s proud to work with Honda breakers and yards throughout the UK who collect a range of vehicle models for scrap.

    Here’s a quick list of the Honda models we dispose of on a regular basis:

    • Honda CR-V
    • Honda Civic
    • Honda Accord
    • Honda Jazz

    Our vehicle management team will make sure that you’re directed to a Honda scrap yard who specialises in your vehicle’s model and can give you an accurate quote for it. For instance, if you’re looking to scrap your Honda CR-V, then we’ll connect you to one of our reliable Honda CR-V breakers!

    To scrap your old set of wheels with a local Honda specialist just submit an enquiry to Scrap Local. We’ll point you in the right direction without any fuss!

  • Where do I find Honda second hand parts near me?

    Scrap Local knows how time-consuming searching for auto parts can be. That’s why we work with trusted vehicle breakers who provide and sell used Honda parts for great prices.

    Follow these three steps to find a Honda breaker in your area who has the parts you’re looking for:

    1. Submit complete details to our parts form
    2. One of our breakers will give you a telephone quote for the parts you need
    3. Arrange a time to collect what you need from the breaker’s yard

    Did you know you could have Honda parts delivered to your door? Some of our vehicle breakers offer local delivery and can arrange to have spares sent straight to you!

    Scrap Local asks that you provide us with as many details as possible when completing a parts enquiry.

    We do this to ensure that you’re connected to a Honda car breaker who is local to you and has parts specific to your vehicle’s model. For example, we have a range of Honda CR-V breakers on our network who only provide parts for this particular model.

    Submit an online enquiry to receive used spares which are affordable and in good condition for your Honda!

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