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Scrapping your vehicle has never been easier with our local van scrap yard.

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We say the van scrap quote is the one we pay! We aim to offer the best price to scrap a van and can provide payment fast in the bank!

Scrapping your van with our scrap car network has never been easier. We make the process easy, so from quote, collection, payment and paperwork – You can sell your van for scrap without any hassle.

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Stress-Free Collection Of Your Scrap Van, When Needed

Has your Van seen better days? Are you looking for a local van scrap yard? You’re in luck!

Scrap Local helps thousands of homes and businesses recycle their old van with complete peace of mind.

We offer the best prices locally and can arrange a suitable collection that suits you. Whether your van has broken down on the road, has failed its MOT, is left at your local garage centre, or is a damaged car/broken beyond repair – We will collect, pay and take it away at your convenience.

Our trusted local van scrap yards operate across the UK, allowing us to provide rapid collection services throughout the many areas we cover.

Our trusted agents can collect in specific locations on the same day, if not within the hour.

Get an unbeatable price for your vehicle with our trusted scrap van buyers, and let us remove the hassle of collection, payment and paperwork! 

Our Van Scrap Dealers Are Trusted By Thousands

We’ve helped thousands of homes and businesses scrap their old car or van with complete peace of mind. Here are just a few of our happy customers!

Kenneth Barret
Verified User
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Car collected brilliantly! Collection driver was very helpful, would highly recommend!
Moira White
Verified User
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Great service from start to finish, responded to my enquiry quickly and arranged the collection of car. Came on time and gave me advice on DVLA procedure. Good price. Thank you.
Trevor Anderson
Verified User
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Great service, great price paid for my car, great communication. Very friendly and professional service, collection was prompt and when stated.
Graham Cottrell
Verified User
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Nice easy service and gave a competitive price. Good communications about arrival time. I will definitely use this company next time.
Anthony Morgan
Verified User
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Really professional from start to finish the whole process from contact to collection was first class.

What will I need to scrap my car?

We understand that scrapping a car can be an unusual process. To enjoy a hassle-free scrap car collection with Scrap Local, please ensure you are able to provide the required items below.

Vehicle Keys
No Keys? Not a problem! Just let us know prior to booking your collection
Logbook (V5c)
Lost the V5c? We just need your photo ID, keys and some proof of ownership.
Photo ID
We will need some photo ID on collection - a valid passport or drivers license.
Bank Details
Payments are made via secure bank transfer between 5-7pm daily.

We All Buy Any Van For Top Cash In The Bank

We scrap vans for top cash in the bank – Even if your transit van is a non-runner, your VW camper is damaged, or your Mercedes sprinter has failed its MOT.

We don’t just buy scrap vans, either! If your vehicle is younger than eight years of age, we may be able to offer more than van scrap value on what is classed as a salvage car.

Specific models, such as a transit van, Mercedes Sprinter or VW camper, are more desirable to some of our car breakers – Meaning they can offer the best prices to scrap a van on many other makes and models. 

Our specialist van scrap yards will provide a competitive price, and once you’re happy, they will scrap your van – Even with no logbook or finance (if written off).

To find out what our network of licenced, trusted agents can offer, call us today for an instant quote or fill out our online form!

Scrapping A Van? We Pay The Best Van Scrap Prices Locally!

Look no further for your van scrapping needs by calling upon our van scrap yard!

We’ll offer the best price for your scrap or salvage van!

Whether a faulty car or written off by your provider (such as a cat s car), we will pay, collect, and handle any paperwork.

We will work directly with our scrap yards to offer an unbeatable scrap value for your van with no hidden fees. Send images and provide more information for an enhanced offer!

Scrapping a van has never been easier!

Read our guide on how to sell a scrap van for more information.

What Determines the Scrap Value of My Van?

The price you’ll get for your scrap van isn’t set in stone – several factors come into play when scrapping your commercial vehicle. Knowing these ensures you’re getting a fair offer and helps you compare quotes from different scrap yards. Consider the following:

  • Weight and Metal Content: A larger, heavier van naturally contains more scrap metal. The types of metals found in your van also matter– some, like copper, are worth more than others on the recycling market.
  • Condition and Reusable Parts: A van with major components in good working order (such as the engine, transmission, or body panels) may be more desirable to scrap yards. They can resell these parts, increasing the overall value they get from your vehicle.
  • Current Scrap Metal Prices: The scrap metal market is always changing. When demand for scrap metals is high, you’ll likely receive better prices. Keep an eye on general market trends if you’re flexible on when to scrap your van.
  • Scrap Yard Demand: Certain scrap yards specialise in specific van brands or models. If your van type matches their needs, you might receive a higher offer than from a general scrap yard.
  • Location: Scrap metal prices and scrap yard competition can vary by region. If you’re willing to travel a little further, you might find better offers outside your immediate area.
Get Your Van Ready for Scrapping: A Simple Guide

While the scrap yard will handle most of the work, taking a few simple steps beforehand makes the collection process smoother, ensures you don’t leave anything important behind, and can potentially increase the value of your van. Here’s an expanded checklist with additional considerations:

  1. Clear Out Personal Items: Start with the obvious places – glove compartment, centre console, and door pockets. Then thoroughly inspect less common hiding spots like under seats, behind sun visors, in any overhead storage, and within the spare tire compartment. Any forgotten items will likely be lost for good once your van is scrapped.
  2. Valuable Parts & Equipment: As long as the vehicle is complete an original you shouldn’t overlook removing the upgrades added accessories might be worth more if sold separately. This won’t affect the scrap value of the vehicle if it remains in a complete and original state. This applies to things like custom stereos, navigation systems, roof racks, toolboxes, or even heavy-duty seat covers. Remove them carefully before the scrap yard collects your van.
  3. Inform the DVLA: Legally, you must let the DVLA know that your van has been scrapped. Your chosen scrap yard will usually assist with completing the necessary forms, often providing you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records.
  4. Additional Preparation: Some scrap yards may have specific requirements. Ask beforehand if they prefer you to disconnect the battery, remove tires, or if there are specific guidelines for damaged vans. Communicate clearly about missing wheels or any major components that could affect the collection process.
  5. Safety First: If you’re removing parts yourself, prioritise safety. Always refer to your van’s owner’s manual for instructions and wear appropriate protective gear. If in doubt, it’s safer to leave certain parts attached to the vehicle that can be recycled by the professionals at the scrap yard.
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