Scrap Local Are Finalist's For The ATF Pro Award's!

Scrap Local is a finalist for not one but two ATF Pro Vehicle Recycling Awards!

In this post, we will discuss the two different categories, as well as updates on why we feel we would be deserving of these prestigious awards.

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The Journey So Far

It’s fair to say we have had a journey this past year!

Our company has had many developments this year, from launching our Mobile App, Rebranding our website and launching our Salvage Bidding System.

We are exceptionally proud of where we have come from and feel honoured to be the go-to place to connect producers of scrap metal waste and end-of-life vehicles to trusted recyclers locally.

In addition, the continued recognition from awarding bodies such as the National Recycling Awards, Lancashire Business Awards, and RWM Lets Recycle is our testament to continued innovation and solutions to the scrap and metal recycling industry.


The Digital Provider Award

This award highlights the crucial role of software in transforming the vehicle recycling industry. It recognizes individuals and companies that pioneer cutting-edge software solutions to enhance recycling processes.

Innovation is essential in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, even in vehicle recycling. These innovators create new software or improve existing ones to make recycling more efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly.

An important aspect of this award is acknowledging Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, which offer comprehensive services like inventory management, real-time tracking, and insightful reporting. These platforms benefit recyclers and the entire industry.

Software is a driving force for efficiency and sustainability, aligning with the industry’s environmental responsibilities. User-friendly software that integrates seamlessly into existing processes is vital, making innovation accessible to all.

Judges seek software solutions that drive real change and innovation, focusing on tangible impacts rather than just code. The winning software’s user-friendly interface, functionality, and practical recycler solutions will impress.

This award celebrates progress, sustainability, and technology’s power to reshape the industry positively – Exactly what our software does!

View below what our software offers scrap businesses.

  • Job Management Made Easy

    Say goodbye to the clutter and chaos or paperwork and send your pen & paper trail to the shredder!

    All the information you need to do your job is in one portal, compressed and easy to manage.

    We’ve developed a fully digital approach to managing your scrap enquiries, making it possible for scrap businesses like yours to manage and follow up on leads quickly without any hassle!

    • Quote. Book. Contact. Collect.
      Provide job quotes quickly & accurately with a system valuation.
    • Remote Cloud Access
      Access your scrap business from any device & automate repetitive tasks.
  • Vehicles, Drivers & Job Information In One Portal

    Manage collections efficiently with our comprehensive vehicle and driver management software.

    Assign jobs, track progress, and get real-time updates on your drivers’ location – all in one place.

    • Manage Collections
      Efficient Job management to organise collections.
    • Assign Drivers
      Minimise your fleet downtime and improve driver availability.
  • Manage Payments Quickly, Easily & Securely

    We make it easy for you to take payment details and schedule daily payment runs – keeping your customers happy.

    Track collections and authorise payments with our live job updates on collection status.

    With our secure payment storage, you’ll never miss a payment again.

    • KYC Compliance
      Stay KYC compliant and securely obtain customer identification
    • Happy Scrappers
      Securely store bank details and make payment scheduling easy
  • Never Miss Another Customer Communication

    Our customer communication solution offers a one-stop shop for all your customer enquiries.

    Our integrated phone system ensures you’ll always get clarity on any call, while our recorded messages and key email triggers keep your customers in the loop.

    • Call Tracking
      Total transparency & audits on every enquiry with recorded incoming or outgoing calls.
    • Effortless Messaging
      Keep your customers in the loop with pre-defined text messages, SMS and key email triggers.
  • Call Tracking - Omni-Channel Communications

    Communicate on the channels your customers demand & manage messages in a single, organised dashboard.

    Proactively manage your telephone enquiries and assign recorded calls to customer records & jobs.

    You can even ask customers to the right team with IVR Routing.

    Included with…

    • Recorded Calls
    • Add Notes
    • Link Calls To Accounts
    • Link Calls To Jobs
    • Route Calls With IVR
    • Out Of Hours Transfers
    • SMS
    • Send freeform & template messages to customers instantly.

    Manage messages in Jobs, Accounts & inboxes for seamless management.

    • Email Notifications
      Send prices, booking confirmations, receipts, waste transfer notes and more via email.
    • Whatsapp
      Communicate with customers via Whatsapp & manage against jobs, and making Comms simple!
    • Push Notifications
      Get admin push notifications when new enquiries or tasks are due.

Solution & Innovation Award

This prestigious award celebrates innovation in the vehicle recycling industry, recognizing individuals and companies that have transformed the field.

Their dedication to sustainability has raised the industry’s profile and made it a leader in environmental responsibility.

The award honours those who have introduced new approaches, initiatives, logistics optimizations, and best practices, shaping a brighter future for the sector.

What sets this award apart is its inclusivity, embracing internal and external innovations contributing to sustainability.

  • At its core, this award endorses sustainable practices in vehicle recycling, emphasizing how innovation can reduce environmental impact and enhance operational efficiency.
  • In an era where environmental responsibility is paramount, this recognition inspires others, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • The award ceremony provides a platform for industry leaders to showcase pioneering ideas, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
  • In a world driven by innovation, this ceremony promotes exchanging ideas, strengthening collective efforts to advance the industry.

In summary, this award celebrates innovation and sustainability in the vehicle recycling sector, offering hope for a future marked by greater efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Until Next Time.

As we look back on these incredible accomplishments, we can’t help but feel a deep sense of pride and honour.

Our company has become the go-to destination for connecting producers of scrap metal waste and end-of-life vehicles with trusted recyclers in our local community. We have become vital in the sustainability chain, driving eco-friendly practices and facilitating a circular economy.

Furthermore, we’re delighted to share that esteemed awarding bodies have recognised and celebrated our efforts throughout the year. The National Recycling Awards, Lancashire Business Awards, and RWM Lets Recycle have all acknowledged our commitment to excellence in the scrap and metal recycling industry.

These accolades testify to our relentless pursuit of innovation and our unwavering dedication to providing sustainable solutions.

In closing, our journey over the past year has been nothing short of extraordinary. We are immensely proud of what we’ve achieved and look forward to continuing to lead the way in the vehicle recycling industry.

With your continued support and our commitment to innovation, there’s no doubt that our future holds even more remarkable milestones and accomplishments.

Question's On This Article

Here are some popular questions.

  • What are the ATF Pro Vehicle Recycling Awards?

    The ATF Pro Vehicle Recycling Awards recognize excellence in the vehicle recycling industry. Scrap Local has been nominated for two awards in these prestigious accolades.

  • . Can you tell us more about Scrap Local's recent developments?

    Scrap Local has had significant developments in the past year, including launching a Mobile App, rebranding the website, and introducing a Salvage Bidding System.

    These advancements have contributed to their status as a leading platform for connecting scrap producers with trusted local recyclers.

  • Which categories is Scrap Local a finalist in for the ATF Pro Vehicle Recycling Awards?

    Scrap Local is a finalist in two categories: the Digital Provider Award and the Solution & Innovation Award.

  • What is the Digital Provider Award all about?

    The Digital Provider Award acknowledges the role of software in revolutionizing the vehicle recycling industry.

    It highlights individuals and companies that have introduced innovative software solutions to enhance recycling processes.

  • . Can you explain what kind of software solutions Scrap Local offers?

    Scrap Local offers a comprehensive software solution, including job management, remote cloud access, vehicle and driver management, payment processing, customer communication, and more.

    This software streamlines scrap businesses’ operations and enhances efficiency.

  • What is the Solution & Innovation Award and what does it celebrate?

    The Solution & Innovation Award celebrates innovation in the vehicle recycling industry.

    It recognises individuals and companies that have made significant contributions to sustainability, introduced new approaches, optimized logistics, and improved best practices in the sector

  • How does this award promote environmental responsibility in the vehicle recycling industry?

    The award emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices and how innovation can reduce the environmental impact of vehicle recycling while enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Have other awarding bodies recognized Scrap Local's efforts in the past year?

    Yes, Scrap Local has received recognition from other awarding bodies such as the National Recycling Awards, Lancashire Business Awards, and RWM Lets Recycle.

    These awards demonstrate their commitment to excellence in the scrap and metal recycling industry.

  • What is the significance of these awards for Scrap Local?

    These awards reflect Scrap Local’s dedication to innovation and sustainability in the industry. They testify to the company’s efforts to drive eco-friendly practices and facilitate a circular economy.

  • How can we stay updated on Scrap Local's journey and future accomplishments?

    You can stay informed about Scrap Local’s journey and future milestones by subscribing to their weekly newsletter for the latest updates and news about the company’s activities and achievements.

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