Scrap Local Founder Named GBEA Awards Finalist​

Scrap Local are proud to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for the Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year under the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

With the GBEA receiving over 4,800 nominees from across the country, Scrap Local is honoured to have made the top 6 finalists and is delighted to celebrate how far we’ve come as a start-up business.

Read our story and find out what the UK’s leading network for local metal recyclers can do for you!

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Who Are Scrap Local?

Scrap Local is an industry leading network that is proud to connect homes, businesses and producers of scrap metal waste with trusted, local metal recyclers throughout the UK.

We partner with reputable scrap dealers nationwide to help find recycling quick and easy for everyone.

The company is led by a time-served scrap metal dealer and digital marketing specialist, Martin Handley, who’s been successfully generating leads for multiple businesses since 2010.

With over 17 years experience, Martin consolidated his knowledge of this sector and his marketing skills to build an industry specific network that digitised both the way scrap yards connect to clients and the way in which people find trusted scrap yards that cater to their needs.

What Can Scrap Local Do For You?

Scrap Local aims to become the world’s first digital scrap yard which creates more opportunities for small, independent businesses across the UK and helps customers find effective waste management solutions.=

We Offer Local Scrap Agents:
  • Lead Generation
  • Credit Packages
  • Transparent Lead Acquisition
  • Online Marketing Service
  • Dedicated Accounts Team
Scrap Local Offers Customers:
  • Free Collection Service
  • Genuine Scrap Prices
  • No Hidden Admin Fees
  • Quick And Secure Payment
  • Handle Paperwork

In an industry that thrives largely on word of mouth referrals, the digital landscape has always been a challenge for most small scrap yards and scrap metal dealers.

Scrap Local aims to level the playing field by providing a digital platform which connects producers of scrap metal waste directly to trusted, independent recyclers based in the UK.

For the ‘happy scrappers’ visiting our website, Scrap Local works hard to connect them to a local yard in their area who is trustworthy and can help them out with what they need.

Overall, Scrap Local believes that recycling should be straightforward for scrap businesses and those looking to make the most from their metal waste.

How Far We've Come As A Business Start-Up

Starting a business during a global pandemic has presented its fair share of set-backs and challenges.

In spite of this, Martin and his team have invested a lot of time and effort into the company to ensure that Scrap Local achieves what it set out to do: to make recycling easy!

From Martin implementing marketing strategies, mapping out business plans and optimising the company site by himself during lockdown, we’re thrilled to see how far Scrap Local has come in such a short space of time.

We’ve since outgrown our first office and have far exceeded our 2020 target when we reached 100 customers.

As of today, we have over 150 members on our network and have 15 members of staff including contractors behind Scrap Local. We’ve generated over 52,000 leads for our members since the turn of the year and with our fully operational team we expect this to increase greatly.

How We're Celebrating As GBEA Awards Finalists

Building Scrap Local has been a challenging yet rewarding experience, and we’re honoured to be a finalist for the Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year under the GBEA Awards.

We also want to give a huge thank you to our trusted members who work hard to make metal recycling stress-free for all of our customers. We greatly appreciate everything you do!

If you’re a local yard or metal dealer who’s looking to gain more online traffic and high quality leads in your area, then please send your contact information through to Scrap Local’s sales team via email.

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