Sheffield Clean Air Zone Start Date

Sheffield’s clean air zone will start in spring 2023.

Approved in July 2022, signs have started appearing since late August.

A one-year grace period will be offered to some homes and businesses within Sheffield’s clean air zone, although this is subject to conditions.

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Clean Air Zone Live Since 2023-02-27 00:00:00

Check Your Vehicle In Sheffield

As a class C clean air zone, certain vehicles which don’t meet emission charges are liable to charges. These include:

  • HGV’s, below Euro 6
  • Buses and Coaches Below Euro 6
  • Vans, Buses and Coaches (Under Euro 6 Diesel)
  • Taxis and other private hire vehicles, under Euro 6 Diesel or 4 for Petrol. 

To check if your vehicle is non-compliant, you can use the handy vehicle checker tool below.

Map And Location Of Sheffield’s CAZ

Sheffield’s clean air zone will cover the innermost area of the city centre. 

This will include

  • Sheffield Interchange
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Most of Sheffield Park Way
  • Derek Dooley Way
  • West St
  • Charter Row
  • Upper Hannover St.

You can view a complete map of Sheffield’s clean air zone below.

Sheffield CAZ Exemptions

Certain exemptions apply for those driving into Sheffield’s clean air zone. These are broken down into the standard national exceptional outlines by the government, whilst Sheffield Council has set local exemptions.

  • National Exemptions

    These include special exemptions for those with a disabled tax class who uses a historical, military or emergency vehicle.

  • Local Exemptions

    These are currently under consultation but may not be the same as other cities implementing a clean air zone.

Charges In Sheffield's Clean Air Zone

If your vehicle fails to meet emission standards, you must pay a minimum daily fee to enter and drive in the clean air zone for 24 hours.

ANPR technology will monitor incoming traffic to the zone boundaries and detect and fine those who are non-compliant.

Charges can be paid online. Extra penalties can stock up if the fine isn’t paid within 7 days. 

Charges that apply in Sheffield’s clean air zone are as follows:

  • Coaches, Buses and lorries/HGVs

    £50 per day.

  • Vans/LGVs and Taxis

    £10 per day for polluting vans/LGVs and Taxis.

Sheffield Clean Air Zone Grants

Financial support is available to residents and businesses within Sheffield’s clean air zone. 

This includes subsidies loans and retrospective grants for those switching to compliant, low-emission vehicles. 

Find out more on available Sheffield clean air zone grants here!

Remove Your Non-Polluting Car In Sheffield

If your car is not compliant, you should assess alternatives that can save you time, effort and money in the long term.

If your vehicle is not sustainable, consider removing your non-polluting vehicle in Sheffield.

Scrap Local’s Sheffield vehicle recyclers offer an award-winning vehicle recycling service. 

To remove your non-polluting car, enquire today!

Question's On Sheffield's Clean Air Zone
  • When does the clean air zone in Sheffield start?

    The clean air zone in Sheffield will start in spring 2023. Signs and notices have already been made across the city.

    The current date has been earmarked for the 27th of February, 2023.

  • Where does the CAZ start and end?

    Sheffield’s clean air zone will include much of the city centre.

    This will include the following:

    • Sheffield Interchange
    • Sheffield Hallam University
    • Most of Sheffield Park Way
    • Derek Dooley Way
    • West St
    • Charter Row
    • Upper Hannover St
  • What will I pay in Sheffield CAZ if my vehicle is not compliant?

    The current charges are as follows:

    • £10 per day for polluting vans/LGVs and Taxis
    • £50 per day for coaches, buses and lorries/HGVs

    Cars will be charged daily to enter and drive across the zone.

  • What exemptions are set in Sheffield's clean air zone?

    There are local and national exemptions for motorists in Sheffield’s clean air zone.

    National exemptions include classic cars, disabled tax holders, and emergency and showman vehicles.

    Local exemptions can include residents and business owners within the clean air zone boundaries. Following most other clean air zones, these motorists are entitled to a grace period alongside clean air zone grants and funding.

  • What Options do i have if my vehicle is not compliant?

    If your vehicle complies with Sheffield’s clean air zone, you must weigh your options.

    Certain grants and funding are available, but with limited availability and certain requirements, its important you check your eligibility.,

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