Clean Air Zone In Newcastle | Start Date

Newcastle’s clean air zone was due to start in January 2021 but had been delayed for one year to provide residents and businesses with time to prepare.

With a final map drawn, the proposed clean air zone will begin in January 2023. 

There will be a further one-year grace period for residents who live within the zone. Otherwise, any other traveller will be liable for the daily charges

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Vehicle Checker Of Newcastle’s Clean Air Zone

You can check your vehicle to see if it complies with Newcastle’s Clean Air Zone.

As a general rule, any vehicle that does not meet the emission standard set by the government will be charged.

This applies to taxis, buses, coaches and HGVs.

Using the vehicle checker below, you can check if you’ll be charged.

Location & Map Of Newcastle’s Clean Air Zone

After intense consultation and drafting of the clean air zone in Newcastle and Gateshead, the proposed map of Newcastle’s clean air zone has finally been submitted.

The Newcastle clean air zone will include the majority of the town centre, including the following routes:

  • Tyne
  • Swing
  • Redheugh
  • High-Level Bridges

View a complete map of the clean air zone in Newcastle below.

Clean Air Zone Exemptions In Newcastle

Certain vehicles, residents and businesses are exempt from any charges. 

These are set by the government and council and can be categorised as national and local exemptions. 

National exemptions will not change. However, the support offered locally requires an application process. 

For further information on how to apply for a local exemption, view the link below.

Charges For Vehicles In Newcastle's CAZ

How much you expect to pay depends on your vehicle’s emission standard.

LGVS, Private Cars and other motorcycles do not pay a charge.

If your vehicle is non-compliant, you will pay the following:

  • Taxi's & Private Hire Vehicles

     £12.50 a day.

  • £50 a day.

Clean Air Zone Grants In Newcastle

Certain grants are available to residents in the clean air zone. These include vehicle upgrades such as retrofitting. 

Applications for vehicle upgrade grants will open on the 21st of November, 2022.

The maximum funding threshold for vehicles are the following:

  • Coaches and Buses – Up to £16000
  • HGV’s – Up to £16000
  • LGVS (Light goods vehicles) – Up to £4500
  • Taxis, Private Hire Vehicles and Hackney Carriages – £3500
  • Taxis, Private Hire Vehicles and Hackney Carriages that provide wheelchair access – £4500

The funding can be used to replace your non-compliant vehicle with a brand new or used compliant one (Euro 4 for Diesel or Euro 6 for Petrol).

Moreover, specific eligibility criteria have also been set by the council. This includes three factors:

  1. The replaced vehicle must not meet emission standards.
  2. The replacement vehicle must meet Euro 6 Diesel or Euro 4 Petrol emission standards.
  3. For organisations, additional information is required, such as where the business is based and how often the vehicle(s) is used for travel.
Vehicle Not Compliant In Newcastle's CAZ?

If your vehicle does not meet compliance in Newcastle’s clean air zone, you must weigh out your options.

Although some residents and businesses can receive grants, funding, and national and local exemptions, it’s important to consider if removing your polluting vehicle altogether is a better option.

In the interest of publishing health, older polluting vehicles are now reaching their end of life. Recycling your high-emission vehicle can bring you closer to a greener Newcastle.

Newcastle Clean Air Zone: Frequently Asked Questions
  • When Will The Newcastle Clean Air Zone Start?

    The Newcastle clean air zone will launch in January 2023. From then, the council will charge non-compliant vehicles daily to enter and drive around the zone.

  • What Areas Are Covered In The Newcastle CAZ?

    The clean air zone in Newcastle will cover most of the city centre. Other routes within the zone include:

    • Tyne
    • Swing
    • Redheugh
    • High-Level Bridges
  • How Much Will I Pay If My Vehicle Is Not Compliant?

    Charges for non-compliant vehicles are as follows:

    • Buses, Coaches – £12.50 A Day
    • LGV & HGVSs – £50 A Day
  • What Exemptions Are Available?

    There are two main forms of exemptions. These are national and local exemptions.

    • National exemptions – These include classic cars and disabled tax holders.
    • Local exemptions – Showmen vehicles, campervans and horse trailers are exempt.
  • Is Grant Funding Available For Residents & Businesses?

    Available grant funding for residents and businesses is as follows:

    • Retrofitting existing vehicles
    • Replacing a non-compliant vehicle with a new or used compliant one.
    • Receive upwards of £16000 of funding.

    Certain eligibility criteria do apply. Register now for funding on the council website.

  • What If My Car Is Not Compatible Long Term?

    Air pollution is a growing problem in Newcastle and other major cities such as Birmingham, London & Bradford.

    By removing your older, non-polluting vehicle, you can get closer to a greener Newcastle.

    Remove your car today with our network of local, trusted vehicle recyclers. Guaranteed price, no fees and fast and free collection with paperwork complete.

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