What Is The Bath Clean Air Zone In 2023

The Bath clean air zone will be introduced in the summer 2022 to assist in delivering a sustainable initiative to tackle rising emissions across inner-city congestion areas.

The scheme is led by a government pilot initiative to support Bath with a push on more sustainable vehicles and travel habits. Highly polluting petrol and diesel cars in Bath will be charged daily to drive across the city centre.

Bath City Council is working closely with the Joint Air Quality Unit, focusing on how pollution from traffic can be within legal limits by 2023. Certain grants and interest-free loans have been offered to businesses and residents in Bath to ensure adequate support is provided.

Why Was There A Bath Clean Air Zone Delay?

The Bath clean air zone was due to launch early 2020, although concerns regarding post-covid-19 recovery for many businesses & residents further delayed the clean air zone from being launched.

Despite this, Bath city council announced that the Clean air zone will not launch until summer of 2021. Further support & cleaner alternatives are to be offered to bath residents until then, though certain requirements have to be met for eligibility.

Bath Clean Air Zone Times & Start Date

  • The Bath Clean Air Zone start date was March 15, 3021.
  • From this date forward, non-compliant vehicles entering the Bath Clean Air Zone will be charged a daily fee.
  • The Bath Clean Air Zone Times run all week, 24 hours a day, all year round.
  • Vehicles pay once to enter the Bath clean Air zone and will not be required to enter the zone multiple times on that same day.
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Bath Clean Air Zone Vehicle Checker

You will need to pay to drive in the Bath clean air zone if your vehicle does not meet emission standards.

Factors that affect your vehicle’s eligibility include:

  • If you own a high emission diesel or petrol vehicle
  • Your engine and fuel size
  • VED tax rates

You can use the gov.uk vehicle checker to find whether your vehicle will be charged to enter the Bath clean air zone.

scrap local scrap car guide clean air zone bath map location charges grants sell car

Bath Clean Air Zone Location, Map & Postcode Checker

The Bath clean air zone map runs from inner-city areas such as:

  • BA1 1LF – North Parade
  • BA2 4AX – Pulteney Bridge
  • BA1 2HX – Queen Square
  • BA2 6QR – Cleveland Road
  • BA1 2LR – Royal Crescent
  • BA1 2AR – Royal Victoria Par

Inside the proposed bath clean air zone boundary are public transport hubs like the bus and railway stations, two petrol stations and nine car parks.

For sports fans, Bath Cricket Club is inside the zone, but Bath Rugby Club sits outside the boundary.

Including part of the A36 sparked a backlash from the Road Haulage Association – Higher polluting HGVs, along with buses and coaches, would be charged £100 a day to enter the zone.

View whether your area falls into the Bath clean air zone with your postcode below!

Bath Clean Air Zone Exemptions & Support

Certain vehicles are exempt from the Bath clean air zone. These include: Private cars aren’t charged, even if used for work.

Motorcycles, which are again not charged even for work purposes.

Historic vehicles such as classic cars registered before 1980, will not pay the daily Bath CAZ charge. Military vehicles are fully exempt from the charge. Blue badge holders do not need to pay a charge to drive in the Bath clean air zone.

However, the blue badge holder must be registered with the Bath city council. To view eligibility for a temporary permit or eligibility to receive financial support for your vehicle in the Bath clean air zone, apply below!

scrap local scrap car guide clean air zone bathmap location charges grants sell car
Sell Your Car For A Better Bath

Many motorists doubt whether the Bath clean air zone is an effective means to become more environmentally friendly with their polluting vehicles. Some have looked to find a better solution.

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Dealing with both older and new vehicles, we can ensure you’ll recieve the best price for your polluting car or van.

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Questions On Bath's Clean Air Zone
  • Why Did The Bath Clean Air Zone Come Into Play?

    The Bath clean air zone came into effect due to alarming air pollution levels raised by Bath and North East Somerset Council. 

    Following plans for petrol and diesel vehicles to be banned by 2035, the government sets low emissions targets to help remove euro 4 and euro 5 polluting cars.

    Need to sell your non-polluting car? Get in touch!

  • Where Does Bath The Clean Air Zone Map Begin?

    The location of the Bath Clean Air Zone runs from Kingsmead, Bathwick and Walcot, including postcode areas such as:

    • BA1 1LF – The A4 London Road
    • BA2 4AX – A4 Upper Bristol Road
    • BA1 2HX – A36 Lower Bristol Road
    • BA2 6QR – A367 Wells Road
    • BA1 2AR – A3062 Prior Road.

    You can view full details on the Bath clean air zone map through this postcode checker.

  • What Are The Bath Clean Air Zone Charges?

    Certain polluting vehicles will be charged daily to enter and drive in the Bath clean air zone. These are as follows:

    • Higher emission taxis, private hire vehicles, minibuses, LGV & vans (Including campervans and pickup trucks) – A charge of £9 a day
    • Higher emission buses, coaches and HGV – Larger emitting vehicles have to pay a daily fee of £100 in the Bath clean air zone.
    • More significant, higher emission horse transporters & motorhomes – These will only pay a reduced fee of £9 if registered with Bath & Somerset council. Otherwise, risk having to pay £100 to enter and drive in the Bath Clean Air Zone!
  • Should I Remove My Polluting Car In Bath With The New Clean Air Zone?

    If you want to save yourself spending thousands of pounds a month on running costs for your polluting petrol or diesel car then scrapping your car in Bath can be a better option.

    Thankfully, Scrap Local’s network of vehicle recyclers can remove your car with a hassle-free scrap car removal service across Upper Weston, Bathwick and Bathford.

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  • What Cars Are Exempt From The Bath Clean Air Zone?
    • Private cars, such as historic cars, do not have to pay the Bath clean air zone charge. 
    • Motorcycles are also free from charges, and certain exemptions will be made for military vehicles and blue badge holders.

    View the full list of Bath clean air zone vehicle exemptions here.

  • What Are The Bath Clean Air Zone Penalties?

    Penalties for not paying a clean air zone charge within 28 days include a £120 fine as well as a charge certificate which increases the penalty to £180.

    You can pay your Bath clean air zone charges here.

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