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How to Recycle Brass With Scrap Local?

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What Are The Current Scrap Brass Prices?

Scrap brass prices constantly change and there is no set monetary value for each grade of scrap brass in the UK. Due to this it can be difficult to find current and accurate scrap brass prices.

However, with us at Scrap Local you can find up-to-date scrap brass prices when you browse the listing pages for scrap metal dealers and scrap yards on our directory. 

Most of our agents showcase the prices and services they offer so that customers can find exactly what they need when selling their scrap brass.

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There are a range of factors which can impact the price of scrap brass in the UK. One of the top reasons why scrap brass prices frequently fluctuate are changes in supply and demand

Generally speaking, if a grade of scrap brass like GunMetal or New Brass is rising in supply and demand, then its scrap brass price will likely increase as well.

How To Find My Local Scrapyard's Metal Prices

Scrap brass prices also depend upon the amount of brass you intend to sell at your local scrap yard.

Most scrap yards and scrap metal dealers base their scrap brass prices on how much the brass weighs.

In short, scrap brass is valued on a price per tonne basis

Understandably, this can impact how much you may get for your scrap brass and is important to keep in mind when selling brass for the best scrap brass prices.

Other factors such as the grade and condition of your brass can also affect its scrap brass price.

You can find out about the different grades of brass and their estimated scrap brass prices below.

Feel free to use the above table listing our current, estimated scrap brass prices for the different grades of scrap brass as a guideline. 

*The Government banned cash in the scrap metal industry in 2012. Payments will be made by cheque, bank transfer or payment cards.

Grade Price Per Ton Description


updated 04/02/2021

Cogs/ crown wheels, old pressure valves
Phos. Bronze


updated 04/02/2021

Cogs/ crown wheels, old pressure valves
New Brass


updated 05/02/2021

New / clean production brass bar
Mixed Brass


updated 04/02/2021

Ornaments, kitchen/ bathroom Taps, door handles, plumbing fittings etc.
Brass Swarf/ Borings


updated 05/02/2021

Usually from manufacturers of brass.

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Where Can I Find Brass To Scrap?

Brass is a highly valuable type of scrap metal which can be found in a range of products.

Grades like Mixed Brass can easily be found in household objects like kitchen and bathroom taps, door handles, and plumbing fittings.

If you manufacture brass, you will likely come across New Brass and Brass Swarf/Borings on a regular basis.

To find out more about the different grades of scrap brass and how much you could make from them, please see our table below.

Different Scrap Brass Grades & Info


Want to find a reliable, local scrap yard to scrap your GunMetal for the best scrap brass prices in the UK?

At Scrap Local we feature scrap metal dealers and local scrap yards across the country who can recycle your scrap brass without any hassle and for a fair price.

Browse our network of scrap yards to find what you need today!

If you have GunMetal to scrap, then submit your details to scrap your metal with Scrap Local.


Image courtesy of Crow Metals Recycling.

What is GunMetal?

GunMetal is one of the most valuable grades of scrap brass in the UK and usually fetches a high scrap brass price.

You can usually find GunMetal to sell as scrap brass in cogs, crown wheels and old pressure valves.


Why is GunMetal highly valued?

GunMetal is highly valued for its scrap brass price for multiple reasons.

Supply and demand has a significant impact on the current scrap brass price of GunMetal in the UK. 

To put it simply, the higher the supply and demand for GunMetal, the higher its scrap brass price will be.

Additionally, the amount of GunMetal you have for scrap can also impact how much you will receive for it from your local scrap yard or scrap metal dealer.

Most grades of scrap metal are bought for a price based on how much they weigh per tonne

Basically, the more GunMetal you have to scrap, the more you will likely earn for it

Currently, there is no set scrap brass price in the UK for GunMetal due to these variables.

However, at Scrap Local we have calculated and provided an estimated price for this grade of scrap brass for our customers to use as a guideline when taking GunMetal to their local scrap yard to sell.

What is the Price of GunMetal Today?


updated 04/02/2021

Please Note: This price should be used as a guide only!


The price is based on the metal grade being recycled in it’s best form & is an “AVERAGE” reported price from scrapyards throughout the UK.

Scrapyards in your area may pay higher or lower than this depending on quality, quantity and depot.

Where Can I find GunMetal to Scrap?

You will likely find GunMetal used in parts such as cogs, crown wheels and old pressure valves.

How Can I Sell GunMetal?

You can sell GunMetal with scrap metal dealers and scrap yards who buy this grade of scrap brass.

On our network, you can find out which scrap metal dealers and scrap yards will buy scrap brass.

Simply search for scrap metal dealers and scrap yards in your area and read their listing pages to find out whether they buy GunMetal and the different scrap brass prices they offer for it.

How Can I Find Scrapyards that Buy GunMetal Near Me?

At Scrap Local, you can browse our network to find local scrap yards and scrap metal dealers who will buy GunMetal for some of the best scrap brass prices.

Search for local scrap yards and scrap metal dealers in your area today! 

Alternatively, you can make a scrap metal enquiry and we’ll direct you to reputable, local scrap yards and scrap metal dealers.

We’ll help you find the best possible scrap brass prices for your GunMetal quickly and without any hassle!

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