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Mar 25
Exciting Changes at Scrap Local!

A lot of exciting changes are happening at Scrap Local to help our business reach its…

Mar 19
Stay Local with Scrap Local

At this moment in time, it can be difficult for people to find local businesses who…

Feb 04
Prestige Awards Winner 2021! Most Innovative Recycling Service of the Year

Here at Scrap Local we are proud to announce that the founder and face of the…

Aug 17

Since lock-down 69% unclear about when the MOT extension come into…

May 12

Are Scrapyards open during lockdown? Find out if your local scrapyard is open now!

Apr 25
Can I Scrap My Car During Lockdown?

PRICES UPDATE 1.6.2020 For the past few months prices for scrap cars have been…