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Uber Cracks Down On Driver Cancellations!

“Cherry Pickers” have been a hot topic for Uber during the weekend of the 20th November 2021.

So much so that they are clamping down on drivers who cancel jobs amid frustrations from customers left waiting for taxis for too long.

Cherry pickers are a huge problem for companies like Uber. 

As a business who tries to connect local riders to local drivers for a fast and efficient service, Uber relies on the availability and helpfulness of their drivers.

Cancellations and poor customer service give Uber a bad name, so we understand the need for change.

users are becoming increasingly agitated with driver cancellations and the notable shortage of available drivers during peak hours, where drivers can cherry pick the most expensive journeys

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Scrap Local And UK Motorists Share The Same Frustrations As Uber!

Scrap Local has a similar business model to Uber and as such we do share some of the same frustrations.

Especially when, like Uber, we invest time and money into marketing our brand to generate reliable, local work for our collection agents.

Fortunately for motorists and our agents, we have grown the team here at Scrap Local HQ to combat cancellations and to service customers more efficiently whilst offering better quality leads for our scrap car collection agents nationwide.

We've Improved Our Service Offering To Our Scrap Car Collection Agents

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Scrap Local is actively growing our network to cover as many areas as possible.

Therefore, it’s vital that we generate enough top quality enquiries to meet the large demand of our audience.

Likewise, if we have a large number of scrap enquiries coming through our network, then we need to ensure that we have agents who are available to fulfil the work we generate.

Marketing a business takes time, requires skilled people behind the scenes and costs a lot of money to do well.

So if we do get cherry pickers on our network, then, like Uber, we will be looking to penalise the top offenders.

We've Made Some Improvements!

scrap local 2021 ubers drovers crackdown improvements

In November 2021, we introduced won and pre-qualified leads to help combat some of the issues our agents were facing.

If we receive enquiries in areas where we don't have agents, then we offer competitive prices based on the national average and local pricing data. We also find local agents to service this enquiry and future enquiries hassle-free.
If we don't secure the job, then we gather as much information from our potential customers as possible and send out the job to our collection agents and partners as a pre-qualified lead.

There’s been an increase in demand for ELVs to be recycled.

Clean air zones have come into play in major cities like Birmingham, Oxford, Bath and Portsmouth and it’s important for customers to be able to rely on companies like Scrap Local to help recycle their vehicles.

At Scrap Local we work with local scrap car collection agents all over the UK to support customers with the scrap car removal process.

Unfortunately, when our agents start to pick and choose work available in their area, this negatively impacts the end-user: our customers.

Scrap Local strives to provide an excellent service to both agents and customers alike. We need to ensure that when agents join our platform that they claim the scrap leads that get assigned to them.
Salvage Leads Are Coming Soon!
scrap local 2021 scrap car collection agents uk changes

Scrap Local channels all marketing efforts to producers of scrap metal waste and end of life vehicles.

We deal predominantly with scrap, however due to the rise in clean air zones we are now starting to see an increase in salvage vehicles coming through our network.

Salvage vehicles will be an additional service to our agents and customers will be made aware of the delays in quotes with the difference in service offering.

This will ensure that:

More Updates And Features On The Way!

As an award-winning network built for recyclers and producers of scrap metal waste and ELVs, Scrap Local aims to make waste management reliable, convenient and transparent for everyone. 

So far we have connected over 450,000 customers to trusted, local scrap yards on our network and have generated well over 85,000 leads for our paying members. 

Our premium lead generation plan has given vehicle recyclers the results they really want: local scrap car enquiries.

Keep a lookout for Scrap Local as we continue to build a name for ourselves in the online space!

Over 85,000 Leads Generated For Our Members

Our industry-leading platform allows metal recyclers to grow their businesses from the driving seat with local scrap enquiries. Go premium today!
Question To Ask?

Recently, Uber has started to penalise drivers for “cherry picking” certain jobs as this behaviour leaves customers feeling unhappy with the services offered by the ride-hailing giant. 

We appreciate that our members require different things from our system.

This is why we have revised our credit packages to better support our audiences.

We now offer a pre-qualified, won, salvage and standard hot lead.

We have many plans available to recyclers looking to join our award-winning network.

As a premium member you can gain access to our bespoke job management system and claim local enquiries without any hassle.

Go premium to get started!

Scrap Local

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