Scrap Local Live On TV: Remove Abandoned Cars With Us!

Did you catch our TV debut? Scrap Local is still buzzing after starring in Channel 5’s Car Pound Cops: Give Me My Car Back on the 18th August 2021! 

Episode 2 of this series shows what happens when nuisance vehicles are removed from UK roads. Scrap Local receives enquiries for all kinds of scrap cars and we were proud to be featured alongside our approved partner, Walter Heselwood Metals, to discuss how we remove abandoned vehicles.

Find out more about our TV debut and what we do to remove abandoned vehicles!

What Was The Programme About?

Car Pound Cops: Give Me My Car Back is a documentary which takes viewers behind the scenes to see what happens to nuisance vehicles in the UK.

Following numerous recovery crews and scrap yards, Channel 5 shows the ins and outs of getting rid of nuisance vehicles such as:

  • Abandoned cars and vans
  • Untaxed vehicles
  • Cars under criminal investigation 
  • Obstructive parking
  • Breakdowns

Scrap Local’s founder, Martin Handley, starred in episode 2 and was filmed on the site of one of our approved partners in Sheffield, Walter Heselwood Metals.

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Why Did Scrap Local Take Part?

We were approached by the television crew behind this innovative project to discuss this issue due to our experience and expertise in vehicle recycling.

Moreover, Scrap Local values honesty and clarity in the scrap metal industry and were happy to educate people about what we do to ensure that vehicles are removed safely throughout the UK.

We get thousands of enquiries each month from people looking to scrap their vehicles. It’s a wonder sometimes how there’s so many vehicles still on the road with the amount of vehicles we get through the network.

Martin Handley, Channel 5's Car Pound Cops: Give Me My Car Back

How Do Scrap Local Remove Abandoned Vehicles?

Scrap Local is the UK’s largest, award-winning network of scrap businesses including vehicle breakers, scrap metal dealers and local yards. 

We deal with all things scrap and are proud to connect customers to reputable scrap car buyers who can remove abandoned cars and nuisance vehicles without any fuss and ensure complete peace of mind.

We work with industry professionals including Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) who follow strict procedures set by the DVLA to ensure that vehicles are disposed of appropriately throughout the UK.

Scrap Local knows how daunting it can be to put an old car up for scrap. That’s why we provide an open and honest approach to vehicle removal and offer our customers:

  • Free scrap car collection
  • Guaranteed fixed price
  • No hidden admin or transaction fees
  • Hassle-free handling of any paperwork

If you have a nuisance vehicle that’s no longer roadworthy, then why not scrap it with us! Just submit an online enquiry to our team and we’ll connect you to one of Scrap Local’s trusted agents. You’ll be quoted a scrap price for your vehicle over the phone and we can arrange a convenient time to remove your abandoned car or van.

Are You A Local Scrap Yard?

Scrap Local is proud to work with reliable scrap yards like Walter Heselwood Metals who take all kinds of vehicles for scrap including abandoned cars and vans.

We use the latest digital marketing strategies and our bespoke software to generate jobs for our valued members.

Trying to get back on my feet after lockdown, I signed up with Scrap Local. Their approved plan is great as I can now manage multiple jobs on-the-go. I'm not very tech-savvy, but thanks to Scrap Local I'm now being found online and the quality of work is fantastic!

Tom, Approved Scrap Metal Collector on Scrap Local

If you’re a local scrap yard who’s looking to expand their horizons and scrap more cars in your area, then why not become an approved member on our award-winning network!

Question To Ask?

Scrap Local take all kinds of vehicle for scrap and can remove the following nuisance vehicles:

  • Abandoned cars and vans
  • Breakdowns
  • Insurance write-offs
  • MOT failures

To have your old set of wheels taken off your hands for scrap, submit an online enquiry to Scrap Local’s quick form. We can scrap your car hassle-free and for the best prices!

You can find out more about our approved membership plan and sign-up to join Scrap Local on our page.

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to contact our sales team on 01706 577 574 or via email at [email protected].

Missed our big debut? Not to worry! You can watch Scrap Local on episode 2 of Car Pound Cops: Give Me My Car Back on Channel 5’s website.

You can catch Scrap Local’s founder, Martin Handley, at 30:00 in episode 2 season 1.

Scrap Local

Scrap Local

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