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Find out everything you’ll need to scrap a car with our paperwork and documents process.

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I’m selling my vehicle for scrap for the first time, what do I provide?

Not to worry! Our team is on hand to assist in the scrap car removal process. All we require from you to scrap your car with us:

We use your vehicle reg to find out its make, model and engine size. We then use your location to find out current area tonnage rates which determine the scrap car value of your vehicle.

 Our team will contact you with our offer for your vehicle. Once you’re happy with our guaranteed price, we will arrange your free scrap car collection. We advise using your main number as the driver will call you prior to arrival.

In terms of paperwork and documentation, we will need your logbook (V5C). Your V5C is your title for your vehicle which states ownership.

We also need a valid Photo ID and proof of address as another key requirement. 

We need your vehicle’s keys to move your vehicle onto our truck. Don’t worry as this is not a must, we can still load your vehicle onto the back of the truck.

You can provide your details to our team over the phone when booking or to the driver upon collection. Payment is made via secure BACS transfer and depending on your bank, can take up to 3 days to clear (although is usually the next day)

What Do I Need To Scrap My Car From Outside The UK?

  • Firstly, check your vehicle is registered with the DVLA. Your vehicle should also be approved by the IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval Service.)
  • You must also be cleared by HRMC with any outstanding VAT and tax being accounted for.
  • Once cleared, you can scrap your vehicle with our network of vehicle recyclers as you normally would – Easy and hassle-free! 

You will need to ensure you follow the guidelines set by the government which the car came from.

Please note that our online form does not recognise foreign plates so it’s recommended you call directly to the office on 01706577574 to book your vehicle in for collection.

For further information, read our complete guide on how to scrap a foreign car in the UK

What Do I Need On The Day Of Collection?

On collection day, keep your vehicle logbook, keys, photo ID and payment details to hand.

The scrap car collection process goes as follows:

  • Our collection agent will call you 30 minutes to 1 hour before arrival.
  • Once our driver is outside your property, your vehicle will be inspected and then loaded by our transport team.
  • At this stage our agent can assist with any paperwork you may have, such as filling out the yellow slip of your V5C logbook. 
  • If you haven’t provided payment details, you may pass them on to the driver who can add them to our next payment schedule. Alternatively, call the office for further assistance on 01706 577 574.
  • If you require a certificate of destruction, please be sure to provide your email address for it to be sent over electronically  (if you haven’t already).

What Do I Do With My Logbook?

If you have your vehicle log book (V5C), then please provide our driver with it on the day of collection.

  1. The driver will fill out your V5C with the appropriate information.
  2. You will be given either section 4 or section 9 from your V5C.
  3. You will need to send section 4 or 9 to DVLA to confirm that your car’s been scrapped.

You can notify the DVLA online or by post.

Notify the DVLA Online .

You can also contact the DVLA by post at their registered address:

You must update your vehicle registration certificate (V5C) and send it to DVLA, Swansea SA99 1BA.

Can I Scrap My Car Without My Logbook?

Yes! You don’t need your logbook (V5C) to scrap your car with us. Although, we require you to provide our collection agent with:

  • Keys to your vehicle
  • Valid Photo ID, such as a driver’s licence or passport. 

Once your vehicle has been collected, you will be required to inform the DVLA of where the vehicle has been scrapped.

On request, we can provide you with this information.

How Do I Fill Out My V5C?

Legally, you are required to inform the DVLA upon scrappage of your vehicle. 

Doing so is easy. If your V5C was issued before April 2019 you need to complete section 9 of your logbook. If your V5C was issued after April 2019 it will be section 4.

You can also refer to our agent on the day of collection for any assistance in filling out your V5C. Once complete, you will need to send it over to the DVLA online or by post as notice of your vehicle being scrapped.

How Do I Let The DVLA Know My Car Has Been Scrapped?

Once your vehicle has been scrapped at an Authorised Treatment Facility. 

Once it has been processed and crushed we are able to provide your with a certificate of destruction.

  • 11 digit reference number from section 4 or 9 of your V5C (the yellow slip)
  • Your vehicle’s REG
  • Name and address of the ATF your vehicle is being taken to

You can ask our collection agent for the name and address of the ATF they’re taking your car to when they come to collect it.

Scrap Local also recommends that you make a note of our agent’s contact details in case you need them.

What is a C.O.D or Certificate of Destruction?

A certificate of destruction (COD) is a document from the DVLA that states your vehicle has been crushed at an Authorised treatment facility. 

Only a fully licenced authorised treatment facility can issue a certificate of destruction as they are regulated by the environment agency and the DVLA.

A COD is commonly required for insurance purposes where a car may be on finance. 

If you require a C.O.D, you must inform us when booking as some of our salvage buyers may repurpose salvageable parts of your vehicle, to be repurposed on the road.

How Can I Get A Certificate of Destruction?

We can provide a certificate of destruction (C.O.D) once your vehicle has been scrapped at an authorised treatment facility (A.T.F), usually within 10 working days of collection.

You will need to request a C.O.D to be issued to you before your vehicle is confirmed for collection by our transport team.

If you would like a C.O.D, then please give us a call on 01706 577 574 quoting your job details.

Do I Need A Waste Carriers Licence Certificate?

No, you do not need waste carriers to licence to scrap your personal car. 

The only time you will need a waste carrier licence is if you regularly collect and dispose of end-of-life vehicles.

Our network of agents is all licenced with the Environment Agency so requiring a waste carriers licence to scrap your car is not necessary.

A Waste Licence Certificate is a document from the environment agency that states you are permitted to move any metal waste or ELV (End of Life Vehicle).

A waste carriers licence permits you to transport your metal and ELV waste however it does not allow you to store, process or hold waste on a site. 

If you do wish to do this at scale, you will require different licences such as a scrap metal dealer’s site licence or an ATF licence. Both require permission from your local authority. 

Why Do I Need To Provide ID & Proof Of Address?

Under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, it is illegal to buy scrap metal without valid proof of address. 

We must be able to verify your ownership through your full name and current address. 

Valid ID includes a driving licence or passport. A utility bill is also used to verify proof of address.

What Happens To My Car Tax When I Scrap My Car?

If a Certificate of Destruction is issued, there is no need to cancel your tax as the DVLA has done so.

Although, as Certificates of Destruction aren’t processed instantly, you should cancel your road tax once your vehicle has been collected for scrap.

Once cancelled, you may receive a partial refund on your tax if:

  • Your tax was paid in full.
  • You have over 1 month of road tax left on your vehicle.

If you pay your road tax via direct debit, you must ensure your payments have been cancelled through your bank.

What Do I Need If My Car Has Been Written Off?

Our specialist salvage team purchase a range of damaged, broken and accident-damaged vehicles. For us to do so, please ensure you:

  1. Contact the DVLA to keep your private REG plate.
  2. Send your logbook to your insurance provider. Be sure to remove and keep the yellow section called ‘’Selling, Transferring, or Part Exchange this vehicle to a Motor Trader’’ from your logbook before you send it.
  3. Contact the DVLA informing them the vehicle has been written off. 
  4. Contact our salvage buying team to receive a guaranteed price for your damaged, broken or faulty car.
  5. We’ll book your free collection and pay directly in your account. It’s that simple
Jack5 stars isn't enough! from the booking of my car to collection was faultless. Martin organized the whole transaction for me and like I say it was a very efficient and faultless process. Thank you Martin and the Team at Scrap Local.
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Very efficient service. Car was taken from my home address. The staff was totally on the ball and I got a better than expected price for it. Would definitely recommend.
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Brilliant service, reliable and really courteous. Would definitely recommend this company and will definitely use again.
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Very good to deal with guaranteed price. It was so easy went like clockwork.

Scrapping a car has never been easier when you understand what you need for the process to run smoothly. 

Any issues regarding your booking, don’t hesitate to contact the team, quoting your vehicle reg and postcode as reference.

Thank you for choosing Scrap Local!

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