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How To Sell Your Damaged Car

Selling a damaged or broken car can be difficult though at Scrap Local we make selling your Cat S or Car N hassle-free. 

Once we take a look at your vehicle, we take into account the metal weight of your vehicle and the number of salvageable parts.

We then provide an accurate price for your vehicle and will collect it free and fast for added peace of mind. 

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Selling A Insurance Write Off For Cash

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What category of write off your vehicle is will determine the price offered for it. This is due to how economical the vehicle may be to repair or salvage.

The main categories of write-offs are:

Commonly known as waste, your vehicle is too damaged to be repaired and must be crushed by an approved treatment facility.  Book your scrap car collection today.

Break vehicles also have to be crushed although can have some car parts salvaged by a licenced car breaker, providing they are not within the crumple zone.

Structurally Damaged Repairable vehicles that have been involved in a collision have sustained damage but can be repaired professionally. 

Non-structured damaged vehicles are not the most economical to repair and fix up. However, they can be sold for salvage. These vehicles could be accident or flood-damaged. 

You may be tempted for a quick cash sale of your Cat A or Cat B car but please note this is illegal under the scrap metal dealers act.

Cat S and Cat N vehicles will also have to be bought from a trusted motor dealer to eliminate any security concerns. 

Thankfully, our network of car buyers and breakers are fully licensed with the environment agency, so you can rest assured they won’t knock you down on price and will pay top cash in the bank!

You may be tempted to sell a damaged or broken car for cash but please be advised this is illegal under the scrap metal dealers act 2013.

Selling A Written Off Car Without A Logbook

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You cannot sell a damaged or broken car without a title. 

A title, otherwise known as your V5C, is a document that states you are the registered keeper of the vehicle. 

No scrapyard or motor dealer will buy your damaged car without a logbook. This is due to the risk of your vehicle being ‘stolen’ is very high. Not to worry, if you have simply misplaced your V5C, you can request a new title from the DVLA.

Once you’ve received a new logbook, selling a write off becomes a lot easier:

  1. Have your V5C sent over to your insurance company. You will have to keep the section called ‘’Selling, Transferring, or Part Exchanging this Vehicle to a Motor Trader” (the yellow slip).
  2. Get in touch with the DVLA to let them know the vehicle has been written off.
  3. Once you have provided all the necessary details, you can make an inquiry with our team of salvage buyers to get the best price. 
Selling A Write Off With Outstanding Finance
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You may be tempted to sell your insurance write-off privately although you would want to get the best price by paying off any finance left with your insurance provider. 

As your vehicle isn’t owned outright by you, a private sale could prove to be very difficult as well as take up a lot of your time – Which is not the best thing if you are looking for a hassle-free sale.

This is where Scrap Local can help!

You can remove your insurance write off with us by:

  • Receiving our offer and notifying your finance provider.
  • Check they’re happy with our offer against any debt owed.
  • With permission, we can then salvage your vehicle!
  • You will have to pay off any outstanding finance, which is agreed upon by your insurance provider.
  • We will need the bank details of your provider alongside a reference number.
  • An email or letter stating all interest in the vehicle has been released is also needed.

Give our team a call on 01706577574 for any assistance. 

Can I Trade In My Faulty Car?
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Faulty cars can be  MOT failures but are usually vehicles that have sustained some damage or issues.

  • By law, vehicles have to take an annual MOT test to be deemed roadworthy and safe to drive. 
  • To drive a car without an MOT is dangerous and affects your insurance policy, which in some cases, you can receive a fine of up to £2500!
  • You can trade in or sell your faulty car although bear in mind it will not look appealing to private traders and can be difficult to sell online.

Thankfully, you can sell your faulty car or MOT failure fast and free of charge with Scrap Local, with no hidden fees involved, free collection at a convenient time and no knocking down on price.

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Can I Sell A Accident Damaged Car For Parts?
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Selling an accident damaged car for parts can be tempting although you will most likely be reducing the overall value of your vehicle.

A Cat B insurance write off can only be broken down for parts by a licensed car breaker.

A Cat S or Cat N can be broken for parts by a mechanic although this can often come with expensive garage and labour costs. For the sake of a couple of pounds is this worth your time, money and effort?

To get the best price for a salvage vehicle, keep everything intact and get a genuine, complete quote from someone you can trust.

Get The Best Price For Your Damaged Or Broken Car!
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We hope you now understand the ins and outs of dealing with a damaged, broken or faulty car.

Our network of local, trusted vehicles recyclers can help you sell damaged cars or vans online with complete peace of mind.

Whether an MOT failure, finance outstanding or recently written off, we assist with all the paperwork, collect for free and provide genuine, guaranteed prices for your old set of wheels.

Make an inquiry today by simply entering your registration number to see how we can help remove your broken car hassle-free!

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Questions On How To Sell A Damaged Car

Often seen as a complicated process, we work with you to remove your vehicle as easy and straightforward as possible. Get started by:

  1. Contact the DVLA to let them know your vehicle has been written off.
  2. Contact your finance provider with our offer.
  3. If your provider is happy, you can set terms and conditions with them to pay off any outstanding debt.
  4. Once we receive the green light and evidence from your finance provider, we can proceed to salvage your vehicle.

Selling a car with finance left on it is easy with Scrap Local! We deal with a number of damaged insurance write-offs and are happy to provide award-winning service to all our customers.

No, you must have a title (otherwise known as a V5C). If misplaced, your can order another from the DVLA online. All that is left for you to do then is:

  1. Send your V5C over to your insurance provider letting them know your vehicle has been written off.
  2. Keep the yellow slip of your V5C which is called ’“Selling, Transferring, or Part Exchanging this Vehicle to a Motor Trader” 
  3. Let the DVLA know your vehicle has been written off. 
  4. Make an inquiry with our team of expert salvage buyers to get an accurate price for your old set of wheels.

It’s that simple!

Selling a faulty car, otherwise known as an MOT failure, can prove troublesome for many. This is due to selling a faulty car privately to private auto traders can affect the value of your vehicle.

In short, you can sell your faulty car privately although you will often see your vehicle undervalued. By law, a vehicle must be roadway safe by passing its MOT Test. Without a pass grade, many private buyers would not go near your vehicle. 

We recommend selling your faulty car for salvage where the metal weight of your vehicle can allow for a much better valuation.

Selling a damaged car for parts may seem tempting but please note you will drastically reduce your vehicle’s overall value.

  • If a Cat B vehicle, only a licenced car breaker can remove components from your vehicle.
  • If a Cat S or Cat N, your vehicle can be sent for breaking although the cost of doing this privately with a garage will end up amounting to expensive labour costs.

We recommend keeping your vehicle and its parts intact, as this will provide the best price. Get a genuine quote with NO fees today to see what we can offer!

Whether an MOT failure, accident damaged or just written off, selling your damaged car is straightforward with Scrap Local.

We assist you in the process with our specialist team of salvage vehicle buyers for straightforward car removal, wherever you are. 

Make an inquiry today to see how we can help remove your vehicle hassle-free.

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Table of Contents