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How To Sell Your MOT failure

Selling an MOT failure may seem like a daunting process, especially when you’ve just received the fail grade from your local MOT station or garage.

Although you may be tempted to test out a variety of solutions, it is important to consider your options if your vehicle can only be scrapped.

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Understanding MOT Fail Categories

What type of MOT fail your vehicle received will greatly affect the price and hassle of selling it. Under the recent MOT test changes, there are now the following MOT failure grades:

Minor faults are those that don’t present a lot of risks, although it is advised you book in a service, repair or replacement of any parts. You will still receive a passing grade but will be advised to have these faults fixed otherwise it may be of any potential buyers. 

THESE PRESENT more risk, any faults which may impact you and the environment. As this may not meet DVSA’s minimum standards, your car will fail its MOT.

Dangerous faults are high-risk faults that cannot be ignored. These affect not only yourself but their motors so aside from failing its MOT, your vehicle will have to immediately address and fix all faults before it can be allowed to return back on the road.

Certain MOT failures will result in a different price received. If your vehicle has received major faults, it still may be resold as salvage whereas a dangerous fault will mean that a price can be offered, although it will not be near private sale value.

This is in the respect that many private dealers will drastically offer a reduced rate for any vehicle that has major or dangerous faults, as it will result in expensive repairs and labor costs.

Selling an MOT failure for cash

You may be tempted to sell your MOT failure for cash fast, but it’s important to be advised that no private dealer will touch your vehicle.

Also, any heavily damaged or broken car can only be scrapped, and under the scrap metal dealer act, you can only receive a secure BACS transfer or cheque.

It is illegal to sell a MOT failure for cash for scrap, whilst most private dealers will avoid the risk

Selling MOT Failure For Car Parts

Selling an MOT failure may be tempting, although the cost of labour, breaking, and advertising may put you out of pocket further.

In fact, the average cost to fix up an MOT failure has been earmarked at £325!

Labour costs vary from city to city and being able to source quality parts may be costly and unfavourable for many private sellers. 

Below is an overview of the average amount spent to fix MOT faults, by city,  sourced from

£441.38 is the average cost to the average amount spent fixing MOT faults in Liverpool.

£406.50 is the average cost of MOT repairs in Aberdeen.

£354.41 you’ll likely pay for MOT repairs in Birmingham.

£352.09 is the average MOT faults repair cost in Leeds.

£340.75 is the average cost of in Glasgow.

£337.04 in Norwich.

£318.50 in Newcastle And Tyne.

£315.49 is the cost to repair an MOT failure. 

£294.98 in London, which may come as a surprise!

£280.21 in Southampton.

Interestingly, Liverpool motorists paid the most for fixing up their MOT failure, whilst those in Belfast only paid an average repair cost of £78.17.

Whether you sell your MOT failure for parts or employ a car breaker or garage to do so, it’s important to outweigh the long-term cost of labor and parts when doing so.

At Scrap Local, we work with our network of car breakers who may cover these costs, getting you a price you’re happy with for your MOT failure. View which areas we cover below. 

Selling a SORN car without MOT

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Vehicles that have failed their MOT and are SORN do not see much demand as they have to spend money to tax and MOT the vehicle respectively.

This can affect the value of your car, resulting in a lower price if sold privately.

To sell/buy a SORN car, regardless if it fails its MOT will result in the buyer taxing the vehicle prior to collection as this can result in a number of offenses being committed.

As such, many private buyers will ask for this expense to be covered by the seller as it’s not worth the hassle and risk.

Where to sell an MOT failure
scrap local how to sell mot failure where to sell mot failure car scrapyard car breaker private dealer 2022

There are a number of ways to sell an MOT failure. The most common method is to sell your vehicle to a private dealership or vehicle recycler/ car breaker/ scrap yard.  If you follow this route, it’s important to remember that a :

  • If your vehicle failed its MOT, it cannot be driven to a dealership and can only be towed back to the dealership. This can present additional costs which reduce your overall offer for the vehicle. 
  • Most private dealers may require you to complete any repairs on dangerous faults at your expense, which can also result in a reduced price.
  • Advertising your vehicle online privately may result in costs that can reduce your overall profit whilst you wait for interested potential buyers

A car breaker or scrapyard can offer a price for your vehicle. The car scrap value of your vehicle will be determined by a few factors although you can expect to receive:

  • A competitive price for your vehicle, even if you have a substantial amount of faults. 
  • A car scrapyard will remove your vehicle and will assist with any paperwork. As you cannot drive your vehicle to the scrapyard if it fails the MOT, it will often be collected for free.

Depending on whether you want to brave it out and sell privately, or you want a quick sale from a car breaker or scrapyard, it’s important to assess your willingness to save on time, money, and hassle. 

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Sell Your MOT Failure Hassle-Free
scrap local how to sell mot failure sell mot failure hassle free 2022

Regardless if your vehicle has received a minor, major or dangerous rating, our award-winning network of car breakers and car scrapyard can pay top cash for your scrap car!

Not only can we pay the best prices on all makes and models, but we’ll also pick up your car for free and will pay fast into your account.

Even if your vehicle is SORN or on a lease, our team will help with any paperwork for hassle-free car removal.

To see what we can offer for your MOT failure, call us today for an instant, guaranteed price, or fill in our enquiry form!

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Questions On How To Sell Your MOT Failure

Both a private dealer, car breaker or scrapyard may buy your vehicle but depends on who you choose, the price offered will differ. 

This is due to some buyers may require you to complete repairs for performance whilst some aren’t affected as much as will still buy your vehicle for its metal weight.

You can sell your MOT failure even if SORN but please be advised that the vehicle will have to be taxed in order to be driven back on the roads.

Quite often, both costs will have to be covered by yourself and depending on the extent of damage, may result in expensive repairs and garage costs.

Most if not all private dealers will not pay a cash price for your vehicle that’s failed its MOT. This is to reduce risk.

A car breaker or scrapyard can pay cash in the bank, under the scrap metal dealers act.

If your vehicle is on finance and has failed its MOT, you will be required to complete all additional repairs and labor costs.

Depending on what category of MOT failure, this can be expensive!

If your vehicle has been written off due to being accident or flood-damaged or just damaged and broken beyond repair. This will also affect the price received.

If you want to save on the hassle and haggling of selling an MOT failure privately then putting it for scrap or salvage, may provide a better option.

With all the additional fees, collection charges, and seller costs – recycling your vehicle not only helps reduce costs but always supports the circular economy of metal recycling.

Thankfully, Scrap Local’s network of licensed car breakers and car scrap yards pay top cash for all MOT failures.

Call now for an instant quote or make an inquiry online!

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