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Our quick payments guide will outline everything you need to know when scrapping your car with us.

You will be told this when being booked in but can use this as a reference.

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How Do Payments Work?

Payment is made via a secure BACS transfer. Depending on your bank or building society it may take up to 48 hours to clear through to your account. 

Payment details only can be taken over the phone and providing we have your details on file, payment will be processed the following working day.

Our payments run between 17:00-19:00pm every day.

What Do I Need For Payment?

We need your bank/ building society name, name on the card, account number and sort code to make payment.

This will be saved securely to your booking and be scheduled for payment once collected?

Do I Give My Details To The Driver?

You can provide payment details to the driver upon the day of collection.

Alternatively, we can take these over the phone for peace of mind.

If you haven’t provided details, please call our head office on the day of collection so we can schedule you for our next payment run.

Can I Not Get Paid In Cash?

No! It has been illegal to pay for scrap with cash since 2013, under the scrap metal dealers act.

This is due to policy changes that were made to reduce crime and theft. 

We and our agents comply with these legal standards by only paying for your vehicle via a secure contactless BACS transfer cheque.

Why Have I Not Recieved Payment Yet?

How fast you will receive payment depends on two main factors; Whether you chose BACS transfer or cheque as your preferred payment method.

  • With BACS transfer, payment can take up to 48 hours to clear and is usually received the following working day.
  • Payment by cheque can take anywhere from 2-4 working days to be deposited into your account.

If payment still hasn’t been made, contact our accounts team on 01796 577 574 for further assistance.

Why Will I Be Paid After Collection?

We make payment after collection to ensure the vehicle is complete and as described. 

  • Your vehicle must be collected and scrapped in order for payment to be made.
  • Once your vehicle has been collected and crushed, payment will be sent via secure contactless BACS transfer or by cheque.
  • We cannot provide on-the-spot cash on collection as this was banned under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.
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Smooth as anything. Agreed price to scrap car, arranged pick up day/time Picked up when promised and money in account next day. Highly recommend.
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Very efficient service. Car was taken from my home address. The staff was totally on the ball and I got a better than expected price for it. Would definitely recommend.
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Brilliant service, reliable and really courteous. Would definitely recommend this company and will definitely use again.
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Very good to deal with guaranteed price. It was so easy went like clockwork.

We hope you understand how our payments work.

Any issues regarding your booking, don’t hesistate to contct the team, quoting your vehicle reg and postcode as reference.

Thank you for scrapping your car with Scrap Local!

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Table of Contents