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When marketing you scrapyard, making your website stand out from the crowd is really important! It’s no different on Scrap Local.

That’s why we allow you to customise your listing page how you like and fully optimise your listing so it gets found in the major search engines.

Collect Customer Reviews

REVIEWS play a massive role in the influence of sales on the internet. That’s why the rating feature of Scrap Local is very important to your success online.

Scrap Local will help you gather reviews for the quality of Customer ServiceSpeed/Efficiency, & Price to give you an overall score.

Making it easier for future customers to come to a decision.

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Are you a Local Scrap Dealer?

Scrap Local helps to connect Local Scrap Dealers & Vehicle Recyclers with new potential customers by using the latest marketing strategies. Here are just a few of our member benefits.

Exclusive Listings

Scrap Local receives thousands of enquiries per month. Do you want the exclusivity of receiving the leads in your area?

Customer Reviews

Collect & Showcase your customer reviews with the help of our review gathering system to gain trust across the web!

Realtime Price Editing

With our Lead Management software, you can update your scrap metal prices from one dashboard & update the web with one click!

Lead Generation

Get more enquiries, More Customers & Earn More Profit by being part of our growing Scrap Network.

Promoted Listings

Boost your business exposure by showing up in prominent pages on our Scrap network. Be above your competitors.

Google Yahoo! Bing

Gain more exposure for your business by being a member of our directory network and show up in more Search engine searches!

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Scrap Local – We’re more than just a directory…


We’re more than just a directory

Scrap Local is more than just a directory.

We are a lead generationlead management & digital marketing solution for the scrap metal industry.

When you sign up to one of our Lead Generation plans, you will get access to our industry specific lead management system.

The Scrap Leads CRM is a system that was built to help scrapyards manage enquiries, jobs and prices from one portal.

It’s a software as a service that truly is amazing! Available only to Lead Generation customers.

Call 01706 577 574 to request a demo of  Scrap Local CRM.


We have developed our very own Lead Management System that will help your scrapyard manage enquiries & manage jobs effectively at scale. Keeping Customers informed of the process every step of the way!


Updating your scrap metal price list can be such a pain! Especially when there’s so many places to update prices. Update your prices on one portal & we will distribute your prices across the web. (coming soon)


As a paying member of Scrap Local. Not only will you have an advanced listing on the UK’s largest directory of scrap metal dealers. You will have the ability to purchase the leads we generate from our network of scrap metal & scrap car lead websites.

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Money Back Guarantee

With our Lead Generation plans, we want to provide you with the highest quality leads & enquiries. So If you purchase a lead from our lead feed as a Premium or Premium+ customer & can’t get through to a customer – we will refund the lead guaranteed.

*Leads from the Lead Feed are to be contacted from within the Scrap Local CRM. All outbound calls are recorded & Electronic communications are sent within your portal. When a lead isn’t reachable & can be verified by our team, we will refund fees back to your account within 48 hours. Prices are cost per lead NOT cost per conversion. If leads are lost due to price, fees still apply.

Choose The best Plan For Your Scrapyard!

Being a member of Scrap Local has many perks – Not only will your business be marketed by scrap metal dealers who know your ideal customer – your business will feature on the fastest growing directory that is specific to your industry!

Your Questions Answered

If your question isn’t answered here, then feel free to speak to our sales team on 01706 407 507.

You can choose a price plan on our member pricing page or contact our sales team on 01706 577 574.

Leads that come direct to your business from your business listing are FREE of charge.

You only pay for leads if you opt for receiving leads on a lead generation plan or want to bid for scrap on the Scrap Local CRM. 

Prices for leads vary depending on what plan you are on.

But Prices Per Lead Start From:

  • £10.00 – Scrap Vehicles.
  • £5.00 – Scrap Metal Leads.
  • £2.50 – Car Parts.

Scrap Local is here to provide leads & enquiries for your business in addition to listing your contact information on our directory.

If a customer contacts you directly from your listing page to your own contact number – you will not be charged a cost per lead for that call.

You will only be charged for calls or emails if you are a lead generation plans where we build a tailored lead generation strategy for your business.

You only pay for enquiries sent to your business from our lead management system.

Once you are on boarded to the Scrap Local directory – our team will set you up on the Scrap Local CRM.

If you choose to be a FREE member, your listing will get exposure on the directory and you will have a basic online presence.

If you choose to become APPROVED, you will appear higher in the searches, have the ability to add metal grades & vehicle makes to your profile and even update your prices. 

You will also be added to our lead management system to receive leads in your area.

If you become a PARTNER you will be allocated a dedicated local number for your business and be able to receive phone calls from people searching for your service.

This contact number will be displayed throughout the internet and you will become an official collection agent of Scrap Local. 

We will market your business under our brand and send enquiries directly to you via our lead management portal Scrap Local CRM.

Monthly Plans

We don’t hold you to any lengthy contracts, If you do wish to cancel, we just require a 30 day notice period. 

Annual plans 

If you are a member of an annual plan, Scrap Local will notify you 30 days before your plan ends to see if you wish to proceed with your next year’s membership. 

With significant discounts already given to annual members, we don’t offer refunds for remaining months.

If you become a PARTNER or Premium+ Lead Generation Customer & you receive a call from the Scrap Local Network number we assigned your account. 

Upon answering the call, you will hear a short message (a call whisper) saying “Scrap Local Car” for example, before we connect your call to the customer.

These calls then display in your online lead portal. Only leads that are sent by us directly to you that are accepted, exclusive leads or premium phone calls will appear in your portal and be charged for.

To view the customer’s number you must login to your online portal.

To call the customer back you must click the “call customer” button which will call your agent’s main contact number – it will then play a short message to the agent and then connect the call to the customer.

This is to keep the customer information sensitive to comply with GDPR.

All calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

If you would like to become a PARTNER, we only PARTNER with fully licensed scrap dealers or vehicle recyclers.

You would be required to provide proof you are a fully licensed, reputable & legitimate business if we are to promote you as a collection agent.

If you would like a directory listing or a premium directory listing, you may purchase a plan but you won’t have the “APPROVED” or “FULLY LICENSED” sticker against your business listing.

Speak to our sales team!
Call us on 01706 577 574 or request a call back.

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