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Is The Scrappage Scheme Coming to Manchester?

Will there be a Scrappage Scheme in Manchester?

As you may have heard from our article on the new scrappage scheme in London, climate change caused by vehicles with high carbon emissions is a growing problem which the UK government is determined to tackle.

Following its announcement back in January 2020, the mayor of London has launched a scrappage scheme for heavy vehicles in London to prepare people for the tighter Low Emission Zone standards that will come into play on the 1st March 2021.

But, what does this scrappage scheme have to do with Manchester? Surprisingly, quite a lot! 

In July 2019, Manchester City Council announced a climate emergency due to rising carbon emissions and the government has told Greater Manchester to make a Category C Clean Air Zone to overcome this problem.

Like London, the Clean Air Zone in Manchester will encourage people to switch to low emission vehicles and it’s likely that a scrappage scheme similar to London’s might be introduced in order to achieve this. 

At Scrap Local we’ve decided to run through what the Clean Air Zone in Manchester is and how a scrappage scheme like London’s could be on the cards to keep carbon emissions low.


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What is the Clean Air Zone in Manchester?

To put it simply, the Clean Air Zone will be an area in Greater Manchester where commercial vehicles that don’t meet its standards for emissions will be clocked and charged for driving there.

The Clean Air Zone in Manchester will run for 7 days a week at 24 hours a day, and there will be daily charges for commercial vehicles that fail to meet the emission standards.

According to the official website Clean Air Greater Manchester, the zone will likely be introduced as soon as spring 2022!

What are the Clean Air Zone Charges?

How much you will be charged for driving in Greater Manchester’s Clean Air Zone will depend on the type of commercial vehicle you use.

The types of commercial vehicles that could be charged for travelling in the Clean Air Zone in Manchester are buses, coaches, heavy goods vehicles, taxis, private hire vehicles, and light goods vehicles such as vans and minibuses. 

On their website, Greater Manchester has listed the charges it has put forward for commercial vehicles that don’t meet the standards for emissions in its Clean Air Zone.

The Proposed Daily Charges for Vehicles in Greater Manchester


The daily charge for these vehicles starts from Spring 2022


The daily charge for these vehicles starts from Spring 2022


These vehicles are exempt from the daily charge until 2023

It’s been decided that vehicles who are charged will pay via the government’s online portal.

If the charge isn’t paid, then a penalty charge notice of £120 will be added on top of this, but this will reduce to £60 if the charge is paid within 14 days

Will there be a Scrappage Scheme in Manchester?


Whilst Greater Manchester has not stated that there will be a scrappage scheme, it’s likely that one could be introduced to meet the emission standards set out for the Clean Air Zone in Manchester. In fact, Greater Manchester has already taken steps to make its Clean Air Zone a reality!

To date, Greater Manchester has requested more than £150 million government funding to help local businesses move to cleaner vehicles and avoid being charged for travelling through the zone. 

So far £41 million of the requested funding for local businesses has been confirmed by the government and Greater Manchester is hopeful that the remaining amount from their original request will also be accepted. 

Additionally, Greater Manchester consulted the public on the new Clean Air Zone between 8th October and 3rd December 2020. They are currently assessing the information they have gathered so that they can review their final plan for the Clean Air Zone in Manchester before the summer of 2021

With these steps in mind, it’s possible that a scrappage scheme could also be introduced to promote and maintain the new Clean Air Zone in Manchester. 

Greater Manchester could also announce a scrappage scheme as London did just that to help charities and small businesses meet the standards set in their low emission zones.

What is the London Scrappage Scheme?

In London, there are ultra low emission zones (ULEZ) where vehicles that fail to meet the emission standards for these zones will be charged to travel in them. To help small businesses and charities travel through these zones without being charged, a scrappage scheme has been introduced to replace vehicles that don’t comply with the required emission levels in these areas. 

The scheme offers grants of approximately £15,000 to scrap and replace vehicles that don’t meet emission standards in London’s ultra low emission zones. 


If you would like to find out more about the London scrappage scheme, then read our article all about it.

We also recommend that you visit the official London website for more information on the different grants you could receive under the scrappage scheme in London.

Scrappage Schemes in the UK

In all, the similarities between London and Manchester are hard to miss!

Both cities are determined to create low emission zones and it’s likely that Manchester will follow in London’s footsteps and introduce its own scrappage scheme to reduce carbon emissions for its Clean Air Zone.

Concerns over climate change are not going away anytime soon and the UK government is committed to tackling this growing problem. 

From the 1st to 12th November 2021, the UK will be hosting the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) to agree on the steps needed to reach net zero emissions by 2030One of the steps that will be discussed is phasing out petrol and diesel engines and moving quicker to using low emission, eco-friendly vehicles on UK roads.

On top of this, the coronavirus pandemic has pushed bustling cities like Manchester to reduce carbon emissions and create clear air zones as soon as possible in order to protect public health.

Due to this it’s possible that scrappage schemes could be introduced across the country as cities like Birmingham have also announced the launch of Clean Air Zones to tackle air pollution!

If you would like to find out more about the UK’s plans to combat climate change, then please visit the official website on COP26

Additionally, if you would like to learn more about the Clean Air Zone in Manchester and how it could affect you, then visit their website on this.

You don’t need to wait for a clean air zone to be set up in your area! 

If you want to ditch your old car for a greener set of wheels, then get in touch with us! Here at Scrap Local we work with our network of reputable recycling partners to find the best prices for your scrap cars. 

Get a scrap car quote with us today and read our in-depth guide on how to scrap a car to find out more about what we can do for you!


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