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Exciting Changes at Scrap Local!

We’re Growing as a Business!

A lot of exciting changes are happening at Scrap Local to help our business reach its full potential as the lead directory for recycling businesses across the UK, and we want to let you know all about them!

Due to rising concerns towards climate change and the economic impact Covid-19 has had on local businesses, we at Scrap Local have taken major steps behind the scenes to ensure that we continue to connect producers of waste to reputable recycling businesses easily and efficiently via our online directory and lead management system.

After launching the business in March 2020 (of all times to launch a business), we have come a long way!

After introducing our Kickstarter programme to help more local businesses in the scrap industry find work during the pandemic, our online directory has grown substantially! So far over 400 scrap metal dealers, scrap collectors & vehicle recycling centres have claimed their listings or signed up with us to get more exposure online with our directory. 

Scrap Local has been generating leads for many agents throughout the UK, many of whom have taken advantage of our limited time offer Kickstarter package.

We have generated over 37,000 scrap enquiries in the last 12 months with a lot of happy clients and customers.

In addition to the amazing results we have been getting from our clients, we have also grown as a team significantly within the past 6 months.

From what started out as a one man band business, our director Martin Handley started recruiting staff in August 2020 and we will become a strong team of 16 at the end of March.

The government Kickstart scheme, which was introduced in the winter of 2020 to help 16 – 24 year olds find paid employment during these unusually, challenging circumstances, has helped us find our 5 latest recruits.

The talent is amazing and we are so lucky to be in a position to help get local, ambitious people into employment.

Clearly, these new developments have been very exciting for us as a new business and we are keen to introduce more innovative ideas to ensure that we continue to provide an outstanding experience for both our customers and staff.


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Where We Started

After working his way up from scrap labourer to manager at a local scrap yard called Wallace and Reader Sons Ltd, Martin Handley, the founder and face of Scrap Local, embarked on a journey to start his own company within the scrap and recycling industry in January 2017

From his prior work experience in the scrap and recycling industry, Martin realised how integral web development and design were to helping local recycling centres and scrap yards find new customers and grow into successful businesses.

“Early on I knew the potential for customers using smartphones to find local businesses and I wanted to tap into that to help those in an industry I was passionate about: the scrap industry! After leaving my previous job, I started to build websites and provided search engine optimisation for multiple businesses before acquiring my first customer as proof of concept. This customer became and I continued to duplicate the process for multiple agencies to distribute leads.”
scrap local scrap car car recycle walsall scrap car van 4x4 buyer free scrap car van 4x4 collection quick payment
Martin Handley
Founder of Scrap Local

Initially, Scrap Local was a lead generation company whose lead management system created jobs for local businesses in the scrap industry.

Eventually, Scrap Local grew into the UK’s largest online directory by expanding its market to scrap metal dealers and vehicle breakers in the UK.

Currently, Scrap Local offers its software as a service product to those who are looking to join its directory.

Yet, Martin is determined to take things even further and create a platform which assists multiple industries with lead generation and management in the future.

With tech giants dominating the retail industry and Covid-19’s devastating impact on the UK economy, helping local businesses to stay connected with their customers has never been more important. 

According to Martin, being able to help even a small handful of businesses to boost their online presence and find top quality jobs will be an achievement.

What We Do

Scrap Local is one of the fastest growing, independent directories for scrap and recycling businesses throughout the UK. 

With our intelligent job matching system, we help local scrap yards and recycling centres generate more businesses in their area by using geo-location technology to scan the location of those listed on our directory and connect them to the right customers.

We have a lead management system which is easy to use!

To ensure that our customers don’t miss out on any new leads in their area, we at Scrap Local have taken steps to make sure that our lead management system is mobile friendly and can be accessed quickly by scrap yards and recycling centres whilst they’re on the move between jobs!

In addition to this, we use the latest marketing strategies to help those in the scrap and recycling industry stand out from the crowd and generate more traffic on our online directory!

To help as many people out as possible, we have different membership plans which offer a range of benefits for local recycling and scrap businesses to sign up for.

founder of scrap local martin handley standing in front of scrap local logo

Exciting Changes at Scrap Local

At Scrap Local we value feedback from local businesses who use our services as we use their experiences to see what’s working and where improvement is needed. 

According to Martin, transparency is the key to keeping people happy and we at Scrap Local always strive to keep customers in-the-know about developments made to our lead management system and online directory.

Recently, we have updated our lead management system to help our customers find new, high quality jobs in their area faster and easier than ever before.

With plans to become a credit-based system, we are constantly finding new and innovative ways to help local recycling businesses connect with and keep track of customers on our system.

Our team has also grown in numbers!

We now have a diverse team with a wide range of skills who are able to come together and work effectively to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the services we provide. Our boost in numbers has enabled us to help more people and resolve more problems in a more efficient way than before! 

On the team at Scrap Local, Martin claims that he couldn’t be happier and that he is thankful to work with a group of like-minded people who share his vision for the business.

“I’ve heard from some that the worst part of any business is the staff, but I’m happy to say that at Scrap Local that’s far from the case! I’m very lucky to have the team I’ve got as they understand what’s needed to take the business where I want to take it.”
scrap local scrap car car recycle walsall scrap car van 4x4 buyer free scrap car van 4x4 collection quick payment
Martin Handley
Founder of Scrap Local

Award Winning Recycling Service

Finally, we at Scrap Local were proud to announce at the start of 2021 that we won the award for the Most Innovative Recycling Service in Manchester and the North West of England by the Prestige Awards. With climate change being a crucial issue for us, we were excited to receive this award for the services we provide and we are keen to ensure that environmental protection remains a priority at Scrap Local.

Get in Touch With Us

Things are looking very promising for Scrap Local and we hope that the ideas we have to grow our business will lead us and our customers to greater success in the future.

If you are a reputable recycling centre or scrap yard who is keen to expand your business, then feel free to get in touch with us on 01706 577 574 or sign up on our website!

We value our agents and work hard to find new and innovative ways to help them grow as local recycling businesses.


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Scrap Local

Scrap Local

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