Scrap Local Covid 19 Update 10 May 2020

Covid-19 UPDATE: 10 May 2020

Scrapyard Coronavirus Updates & Information

There’s no escaping the fact that Coronavirus has had a massive impact on businesses around the world.

Our way of life is going to potentially change forever!

Here at Scrap Local, we have been working closely with scrapyards throughout the UK during the covid-storm to get the economy booming again.

We have been trying to ensure we do what we can for our partners, members & customers to recycle their goods as safely as possible.

Although many yards have stayed open during the UK lockdown with social distancing measures in place, most did close for many weeks…




If you’re wondering wether scrapyards are open during coronavirus lockdown in the UK – the answer is, YES! Most Scrap businesses are back at work now.

As of Monday 1st June 2020 many scrap local members re-opened their scrapyard gates and have implemented social distancing in their day to day processing.

Some have been back open since 25th June 2020.

You should be able to start recycling metals again in your local area but we advise to contact scrapyards first to ensure they’re taking scrap metal and scrap cars from the public, make sure they are open and see if you require an appointment as all scrapyards are different. 

To make things easier, you can  find a scrapyard through the Scrap Local scrapyard directory.

Scrap Local

Scrap Local

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