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Scrap Local pride ourselves on making vehicle recycling a fast and hassle-free process for all of our Scottish customers.

Through our award-winning network of scrap dealers we ensure that people receive the best possible prices for the end of life motors and can have their vehicles collected for free. Have a look at what some of our happy scrappers have to say!

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What Sets Scrap Local's Scottish Agents Apart

Scrap Local believes that our customers shouldn’t pay to have their vehicles scrapped. That’s why we offer to collect scrap cars for free and provide scrap quotes with no hidden administrative fees.

Furthermore, Scrap Local’s trusted team of specialists will talk you through the steps required to remove your vehicle in Scotland so that you have a stress-free experience overall.

"Unlike our competitors, Scrap Local won't make any deductions for minor damages to your vehicle's condition upon collection. If your scrap car is complete and as described, then you'll receive the price you've been offered and nothing less!"

Scrap Local Offers

  • FREE Scrap Car Collection
  • GUARANTEED Fixed Price
  • NO Admin Fees
  • HASSLE-FREE handling of any paperwork
Scrap your car today call to action
Unlike our competitors, Scrap Local won't make any deductions for minor damages to your vehicle's condition upon collection. If your scrap car is complete and as described, then you'll receive the price you've been offered and nothing less!

What Do I Need to Scrap My Car?

Photo ID
(Passport or Driving Licence)
Bank Details
(For Payment Transfer)
Must Have
Keys for Vehicle
Log Book (V5C)
Must Have One - Keys or Logbook or Both

Scrap Local's 3-Step Guide To Scrapping Your Car

Fill in your details

Fill out your reg, postcode and contact details in our scrap car form, or give our team a call on 01706 577 574

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Receive your quote

One of Scrap Local's trusted agents will give you a telephone quote and arrange a collection time.

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Book your collection

Get your ID, keys and documents ready for when we come to collect your car for scrap.

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Question To Ask?

How do you scrap a car in Scotland?

How much is the scrap value of my car?

Do I need a V5C to scrap my car in Scotland?

Will I have to contact DVLA about scrapping my car?

The Ins and Outs To Scrapping Your Car In Scotland!

Scotland is the second largest country in the United Kingdom and has a population of approximately 5.46 million.

A large share of the Scottish population lives in the Central Belt of the country. This area includes major cities like Glasgow, which has a population of over 633, 000, and the capital city of Edinburgh, which has a population of 524, 900.

Scotland receives a high amount of traffic and in 2019 alone over 30.0 billion vehicle miles were travelled here. The number of motor vehicles registered in Scotland is at an all-time high at 3.0 million! Additionally, the distance driven by motor vehicles on Scotland’s roads has increased by 8% over the past five years.

Understandably, Scrap Local receives regular enquiries from road users looking to remove their vehicles for scrap in Scotland.

Scrap Local is proud to work with trusted car scrap yards in Scotland and serves customers across key areas like Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow. Our licensed waste carriers can reach areas along the A9, M77 and M8 motorway corridors to collect cars for free.

If you have a car to scrap and can’t find an agent near you, then submit an enquiry to Scrap Local! We’ll offer you a great price for your vehicle and collect it at a convenient time for you.

Climate Change’s Impact On Scottish Transport

Overall, Scotland’s transport emissions account for 8.6% of the UK total. Worryingly, Scotland has scored above the normal amount for transport emissions in the UK. 13.1% of Scotland’s bus emissions are above a proportionate share of the UK total and domestic transport accounts for 21%.

This presents a growing concern for major cities in Scotland. Recently, there has been a push for more investment in Clean Air Zones under the Scottish Climate Committee in order to reduce the amount of high emission vehicles on Scotland’s roads.

Key policies in the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) Act 2019  include making it easier for people to walk, cycle, and use sustainable forms of public transport across Scotland.

Additionally, there has been more emphasis on ensuring that the electric vehicle charging infrastructure is in place to eliminate the need to buy petrol or diesel cars in Scotland by 2032 at the latest.

Due to the recent focus on reducing pollution levels from diesel cars, lorries and taxis across Scotland, many motorists are seeking additional support, guidance and assurance when scrapping their old cars.

Thankfully, Scrap Local works with Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) and licensed Waste Carriers who ensure that vehicles are de-polluted and scrapped in accordance with strict guidelines throughout Scotland.

If you need to scrap your high emission vehicle in Scotland, then why not make an enquiry with our expert team!