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Awarded as the Most Innovative Recycling Service in 2020/21 by the Prestige Awards, Scrap Local is honoured to provide a zero fuss and zero fees approach to vehicle recycling in Scotland.

We work with reputable car scrap yards in Edinburgh who can remove end of life vehicles from home addresses and for free! Better still, we cover all kinds of Edinburgh scrap car including, but not limited to, insurance write-offs, MOT failures and high emission motors.

Don’t get messed around on price or collection and submit an enquiry to our award-winning network!

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We know how daunting scrapping a car can be for motorists! To keep things stress-free and easy, we work with reliable Edinburgh scrap yards who can assist with any paperwork for DVLA and remove broken cars from residential streets and home addresses without any hassle.

Don’t believe us? See what some of our happy scrappers from Edinburgh have to say about the services we provide.

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What Will I Get If I Scrap My Car In Edinburgh With You

With Scrap Local you won’t be haggled with on price for every bump, scratch or dent to your broken car. We understand that you’re looking to scrap your vehicle and won’t knock you down for cosmetic damages, admin fees or transaction charges.

We provide a reliable and fast scrap car Edinburgh collection service and can guide motorists on completing the paperwork needed to notify DVLA about end of life vehicles.

"Scrapping a car in Edinburgh should be a stress-free process which is easy to follow. Our experienced scrap car buyers are always on-hand to answer any questions about vehicle recycling and aim to arrange collection dates to suit your needs."

Scrap Local Offers

  • FREE Scrap Car Collection
  • GUARANTEED Fixed Price
  • NO Admin Fees
  • HASSLE-FREE handling of any paperwork
Scrap your car today call to action
Scrapping a car in Edinburgh should be a stress-free process which is easy to follow. Our experienced scrap car buyers are always on-hand to answer any questions about vehicle recycling and aim to arrange collection dates to suit your needs.

What Do I Need to Scrap My Car?

Photo ID
(Passport or Driving Licence)
Bank Details
(For Payment Transfer)
Must Have
Keys for Vehicle
Log Book (V5C)
Must Have One - Keys or Logbook or Both

Scrap Local's 3-Step Guide To Scrapping Your Car

Fill in your details

Fill out your reg, postcode and contact details in our scrap car form, or give our team a call on 01706 577 574

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Receive your quote

One of Scrap Local's trusted agents will give you a telephone quote and arrange a collection time.

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Book your collection

Get your ID, keys and documents ready for when we come to collect your car for scrap.

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Question To Ask?

Where can I scrap my car in Edinburgh?

How much do I get for scrapping my car in Edinburgh?

Do you need a V5C to scrap a car?

Will I have to tell DVLA that I've scrapped my car?

What do I need to scrap my car in Edinburgh?

Find Scrap Car Buyers Near Edinburgh Hassle-Free

All across Edinburgh Scrap Local has reliable scrap car buyers who can dispose of broken vehicles hassle-free.

As the Capital of Scotland, Edinburgh receives a high amount of road traffic year upon year with over 1.4 billion vehicle miles being driven within the city. There’s a range of activities available to tourists and historical landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle and the Scott Monument always encourage people to travel to Edinburgh.

Understandably, Scrap Local receives a lot of enquiries from customers in Edinburgh looking to scrap their car near them. That’s why we work with multiple collection agents around Scotland’s Capital to help as many road users as possible recycle their vehicles without any hassle.

Our drivers cover areas along the City of Edinburgh Bypass and have previously served customers from Little France, Firrhill and Muirhouse.

If you have a car you need to scrap hassle-free near Edinburgh, then get in touch with Scrap Local to see how we can help you.

Recycling High Emission Cars In Edinburgh

Air pollution is a recurring issue in major cities like Edinburgh where roads are almost always busy. Alongside its medieval castles, Edinburgh has a variety of natural landmarks like Arthur’s Seat which attract hundreds of tourists and are crucial to preserve. 

Recently, Edinburgh has taken steps to ensure that its air remains clean for the sake of preserving its environmental beauty and public health.

Similarly to Greater Manchester and London, the City of Edinburgh will be introducing a low emission zone to reduce the amount of NO2 emissions produced by petrol and diesel cars. Edinburgh’s low emission zone will encourage road users to utilise sustainable forms of public transport and transition to cleaner vehicles prior to the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars in the UK. 

Vehicles which fail to meet the emission standards established by Edinburgh’s City Council and the Scottish Government will need to pay a daily fee to travel through this zone. Understandably, this has caused more people in Edinburgh to scrap their high emission vehicles with Scrap Local.

Scrap Local is proud to partner with licensed Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) who de-pollute and crush old cars safely throughout Edinburgh.

We were awarded as the Most Innovative Recycling Service by the Prestige Awards and are always finding new ways to make scrapping cars a convenient and reliable process for our customers.

If you would like to have your old car removed, then feel free to submit an enquiry to Scrap Local. Our Scottish scrap yards aim to scrap cars in Edinburgh as quickly as possible and for the best prices.