National numbers say the high figures are due to the designs being ordered before their release dates with reg plates being available for purchase from November 2019.


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DVLA number plates show when a car was first registered and is usually a strong indicator of a vehicle’s true age.  Newer number plate designs mean the vehicle has been recently registered and is likely to be more expensive to purchase.

Road users could save money by purchasing a brand new car with last months reg numbers at a dealership.

This is due to forecourts often reduce prices to make way with new stock equipped with the new plates.

As costs are reduced, road users are able to pick up an older model at a more affordable price compared to the brand new designs.

Motorists who acquire the older models will not be able to install new 2020 number plates on their cars as this would be breaking the law. Number plates on vehicles can make a car look older but they cannot be used to make a car appear new.

Therefore, motorists can install plates from previous years on their vehicles but would get into trouble if they tried to stick a new 2020 reg number on their used car.

Older models, however, are now shunned away from the spotlight at a cheaper rate. As costs have been reduced, prospective buyers could pick up an older car at a much affordable rate than that of a new release model.



Since 1 January 1973 (47 years ago!), the front number plate must have a white background with a plate at the year with a yellow background. There are stern rules in place concerning the specification of letters and numbers in the registration plates.

Trivia Time: Did you know the font used for number plates has been the same since 2001 and is called Charles Wright font!


In order to determine a car’s age, you need to pay attention to the two numbers which are the age identifiers. 

They tell you in which six month period the car was first registered, either March to August or September to February. The age identifier changes on 1st March and 1st September every year.

For example, a car that has been registered from March 2016 will have the number 16 as its age identifier. 

For cars registered between September and February, the code is the year (as of September) +50.

Therefore, cars produced from September 2016 to February 2017 will have the number 66 as its age identifier. 

The first two letters are known as the local memory tag and they show where the vehicle was registered.

The first letter represents the region and the second letter represents a DVLA local office

For example, a vehicle registered in London will have a number plate starting with LA through to LY. ‘Z’ is only used as a random letter, never in an area code.

From 1983, number plates followed the format of X111 XXX. In this system, the first letter acted as the age identifier by representing the year that the car was registered.

 Originally, this changed each year in August, but from 1999 it was updated every six months instead until the entire number plate system was revamped in September 2001.

In order to avoid any confusion, the letters I, O, U and Z were never used as year identifiers because of their similarities to numbers of other letters. I is too similar to one; O is too similar to zero; U is too similar to V and finally, Z is too similar to two.


As new DVLA number plates were launched in march many motorists can expect new designs to emerge from the coming months.


The new REG laws state motorists can only use number plates which make the car appear older than it already is. 

New ”20” designs cannot be placed on a car which is a couple of years old. Road users can still purchase designs and be issued with a certificate of entitlement. 

This certificate makes plate valid for 10 years witch option to add an extension for another 10. 

This further allows prospective buyers can purchase the new designs now and keep these until they have secured a vehicle which has been registered after March 1. 


The New ”20” number plates will be featured on all new cars registered after March 2020 and will run up to August. After this date, new vehicles are given a ”70” number plate design with a ”21” plate set to launch in March 2021.

Road users who are looking to secure a new plate can still buy personalised designs which start from as little as £250. Motorists can easily acquire a range of designs as the UK leaves the European Union with Brexit themed plates such as ”UK20 0UT” going for a much as £4000!

Dvla Buy Plate Scraplocal Blog There are many online Reg plate marketplace’s though we recommend acquiring a REG through the official DVLA Website, which can be found here:



It is best to purchase through DVLA as they are direct, accredited and include both VAT and their £80 assignment Fee in the price given. No hidden fee’s!

With all that been said we hope you are now aware of the new reg, and how you can make informed decisions on your next purchase whether it be the new ”70” plate or a new motor.


To ASSIGN A PLATE, you need one of the following:

  1. An online reference number
  2. A V750 certificate of entitlemen
  3. A V778 retention document

To be eligible you must bear in mind the following:

  1. As mentioned you can’t assign a number which starts with ‘Q’ or ‘NIQ’
  2. Use a private number that makes the vehicle looks newer than it is, for example, an ‘06’ registration number on 2001 registered vehicle

Subsequently, the vehicle must:

  1. Be registered with the DVLA
  2. Can move on its own
  3. Must have its current tax
  4. Has to be available for inspection only if your application was checked by DVLA.
  5. Not being a vehicle which needs an MOT/ HGV test certificate 
  6. Not been SORN for the past 5 years 

You can apply to assign a number of the vehicle is:

  1. Registered to you
  2. A vehicle you just purchased (you must wait for DVLA to send a new V5C in your name before you can apply online or by post)
  3. Brand new – give the dealer your V750 or V778 document and ask them to apply
  4. Registered to someone else and you want that private number to be transferred to them – apply online or by post


It’s free to apply online or by post. You need the vehicle’s logbook (V5C) If you already have a private number plate on your vehicle,  apply to take it off first. You could lose the right to use the number if you do not.

  • The number will be assigned immediately. If your vehicle does not need an inspection,  Be prepared to put new number plates on the vehicle as soon as you’ve applied.
  • This service is available from 7am-7pm.


You can apply by post however due to the timescale of processing paper application, this may not seem a viable option due to COVID-19 implications.

The following documents need to be sent to DVLA:

  1. The V750 or V778  (Completed) – The address is on form
  2. Logbook ( V5C) or the green new keeper slip with a completed V6 ‘application for a vehicle registration certificate V5C’
  3. If you are looking to assign a number to someone else vehicle, add them as a nominee – complete section 2 of the V750 or V778

You can also tax your vehicle at the same time, which should include the following:

  1. An MOT Certificate
  2. The correct amount of vehicle tax
  3. The ‘application for vehicle tax’ form

After you assign a new reg, you will be sent:

  1. Your original MOT back ( if it was sent to tax the vehicle)
  2. A new logbook ( V5C)– It can take 4-6 weeks to arrive

You have to also:

  1. Inform your insurance company about your new REG number
  2. Put the new number plate on your vehicle before you drive it 

You can still keep the original registration number and plates– they’ll be a reassigned to the vehicle when you take off your new number plate.

You can keep the original registration number and plates – they’ll be reassigned to the vehicle when you take off the private number. You still, however, cannot sell or get rid of a vehicle until you get a new logbook (V5C)

For more information, don’t hesitate to check the number plates and vehicle registration section at GOV.UK or contact DVLA.



If you’re not just ready yet to purchase a new REG and are looking for ways to fund your new motor OR plate?

Looking to get rid of your old, run-down vehicle? with Scrap Local we are on hand to help you find a local, accredited scrap car dealer through our online directory. Why don’t you use our Scrap my car tool? by simply entering your REG we can cross-reference with DVLA and find you a price in no time! we can then arrange a collection and have payment typically sent the same day!



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